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SPORT CLIMBING: Ghisolfi and Kim claim World Cup Lead titles in Kranj

The IFSC World Cup in Lead got a little closer with wins by Stefano Ghisolfi and Jain Kim in Kranj (SLO). Italy’s Ghisolfi, in second...

SPORT CLIMBING: Garnbret dominates World Champs, now Olympic favorite

The IFSC World Championships in Innsbruck (AUT) left one indelible impression: Slovenia’s Janja Garnbret is the favorite to win the women’s event at the...

SPORT CLIMBING: World Champs continue with Bouldering and Combined

The IFSC World Championships are continuing in Innsbruck (AUT), with four events remaining on the program: ∙ 14 September: Men’s Bouldering ∙ 15 September: Women’s Bouldering ∙...

SPORT CLIMBING: World Champs continue with Bouldering, Speed and Combined

The IFSC World Championships are continuing in Innsbruck (AUT), with six events remaining on the program: ∙ 13 September: Men’s and Women’s Speed ∙ 14 September:...

Pilz and Schubert fast enough to win World titles

Sport climbing is supposed to be about climbing, right? Well, sometimes it’s about speed. Both the Men’s and Women’s Lead titles were won by which...

SPORT CLIMBING Preview: Tokyo preview in 2018 World Championships

The 15th Sport Climbing World Championships will provide a preview of what to expect in Tokyo over 11 days through the 16th, at Innsbruck...

SPORT CLIMBING: Kruder & Nonaka win World Cup Bouldering titles

Two new names are World Cup champions in the Bouldering division of Sport Climbing as Slovenia’s Jernej Kruder and Japan’s Miho Nonaka held on...

SPORT CLIMBING Preview: Final Bouldering World Cup in Munich

The season-ending Bouldering World Cup will once again come to Munich (GER), with competition on Friday and Saturday. The seasonal leaders: Men: 1. 400 Jernej Kruder...

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