This is the season to be thankful … you are not Yury Ganus

Yury Ganus, Director General of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (Photo: TASS)TSX HEADLINES – for November 23, 2018: The Thanksgiving holiday period is a time for Americans to reflect on all that has gone right, and what lies ahead. One thing anyone connected with the Olympic Movement can be thankful is that they are not Yury (more…)

Dealing with state-run doping: Indecision, then punishment, now a defined protocol

TSX HEADLINES – for November 21, 2018: The Olympic Movement was shaken to its core by the revelations of Russian whistle-blowers who revealed the state-run doping program in force from 2011-15. It caught the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and the international federations off guard and not quite sure how to deal with (more…)

Willie Banks seeks to heal USA Track & Field’s open wound

TSX HEADLINES – for November 19, 2018: Another divisive election is coming up. The annual meeting of USA Track & Field will take place in Columbus, Ohio in a couple of weeks and an old, still-open wound for many members was the 2014 election of the association’s nominee for the IAAF Council. Bob Hersh, the (more…)

WADA Board holds the line on Russia, expands internal independence drive

TSX HEADLINES – for November 16, 2018: There was no explosion at the World Anti-Doping Agency Foundation Board meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan on Thursday, but there was some important progress. A WADA delegation will go to Moscow on 28 November to work out the details for getting the Moscow Lab records for the 2011-15 scandal (more…)

Calgary turns away from the 2026 Winter Games by 56-44%

TSX HEADLINES – for November 14, 2018: The official vote total was posted online at 9:58 p.m. Mountain time and it ended the Calgary bid for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games. With 39.7% of the eligible voters in the city turning out, some 56.4% voted against Calgary moving forward with a bid for the 2026 (more…)

Fasten your seat belt: The Olympic Movement has a rough November ahead

TSX HEADLINES – for November 12, 2018: If you’re a fan of Olympic sports, you should be looking forward to the key competitions deciding who is the best of the best, on the road to the Olympic Games, right? Not quite. Instead, this week illustrates the turmoil that the Olympic Movement is currently in. On (more…)

Not all hosting costs are going down; Budapest to spend $111 million on IAAF ‘23!

TSX HEADLINES – for November 9, 2018: The track & field world championships are one of the most-recognized sporting events on the planet, perhaps only behind the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. And like both of those two events, it’s not cheap. In fact, the recent cost of the event, at about $80 (more…)

U.S. Olympic Committee drops the hammer on USA Gymnastics, but also on itself?

TSX HEADLINES – for November 7, 2018: The news that United States Olympic Committee chief executive Sarah Hirshland started the process to remove USA Gymnastics as the National Governing Body for the sport in the U.S. was warmly welcomed in some quarters, but this is not going to be a quick or easy process. The (more…)

Boxing elects “organized crime” leader Rakhimov as president; now what?

TSX HEADLINES – for November 5, 2018: It’s pretty unusual for elections of international sports federation presidents to make much noise. But when the federation is boxing, which is being told that the sport could be eliminated for the 2020 Olympic Games and it elects a man that the U.S. Treasury Department says is an (more…)

Calgary 2026 bid comes back from the dead … on Halloween!

TSX HEADLINES – for November 2, 2018: Like any good thriller, the plot lines of the 2026 Olympic Winter Games bid from Calgary (CAN) got twisted on Halloween, with an 11th-hour financing deal (sort of) and a wild debate of more than seven hours in the City Council. There were cheering sections, explanations and promises (more…)