EXTRA: Lyles “bolts” to 9.88 world-leader to win USATF 100 m

TSX EXTRA – for June 23, 2018: Noah Lyles won the U.S. national championship in the 100 m in a world-leading 9.88 seconds on Friday night in Des Moines, Iowa.

At 20 years old – he’ll be 21 on 18 July – he now has the world’s fastest time in the 100 m and equal-fastest in the 200 m. Remind you of anyone of recent note?

So check out Lyles’s progression since age 17 with that of Usain Bolt and draw your own conclusions!

Plus lots more commentary on the Nationals and a story of a sponsor scorned involving American triple jump record holder Tori Franklin. Plus summaries of the events completed so far.