2020 Olympic Games

THE BIG PICTURE: Battle of the budget continues in Tokyo for 2020

The battle of the budget continues at the 2020 Tokyo Games, where a new version of the total financial requirements is due at the...

LANE ONE: As the 2020 Olympic Games draw near, Tokyo is suddenly the problem

No one will say it, even in a whisper. No one in the Olympic Movement even wants to think about it. But the Olympic Games in...

YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES: IOC ecstatic so far

The third edition of the International Olympic Committee’s YOG continues in Buenos Aires, with the Closing Ceremony scheduled for the 18th (Thursday). The IOC gave...

LANE ONE: Has the Olympic volunteer program lost its way?

One of the many revolutionary changes made by the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles was the...

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