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Olympic Winter Games 2014

LANE ONE: Thomas Bach’s IOC wants “to get the couch potatoes off the couch”

The focus of the Olympic Movement has changed. It was, until very recently, to stage the greatest sports spectacle in the world. But in a...

THE BIG PICTURE: Int’l Paralympic Committee reinstates Russia, but with lot of conditions

Since the Russian doping scandal broke in 2015, the International Paralympic Committee has been much stronger in its dealings with its Russian National Paralympic...

LANE ONE: WADA lets Russia skate for now, but there is a new line...

There wasn’t much surprise from the conference-call meeting of the World Ani-Doping Agency’s Executive Committee on Tuesday (22nd) as it confirmed the continuation of...

SPEED READ: Headlines from The Sports Examiner for Monday, 21 January 2019

Welcome to The Sports Examiner SPEED READ, a 100 mph (44.7 m/s) review of what happened over the last 72 hours in Olympic sport: LANE...

THE BIG PICTURE: IOC loses Legkov appeal in Swiss Federal court

“It is with disappointment that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been informed of the ruling by the Swiss Federal Tribunal rejecting the IOC...

SPEED READ: Headlines from The Sports Examiner for Friday, 18 January 2019

Welcome to The Sports Examiner SPEED READ, a 100 mph (44.7 m/s) review of the week (so far) in the turbulent world of international...

THE BIG PICTURE: WADA team “successfully” retrieves Moscow Lab data

The World Anti-Doping Agency announced Thursday that its data-retrieval team had completed its mission to obtain the testing database of the Moscow Laboratory at...

DOPING: WADA Compliance Review Committee meeting this week on Russia

The continuing saga of the World Anti-Doping Agency trying to get its hands on a complete and correct copy of the 2011-15 testing database...

THE BIG PICTURE: WADA announces new “mission to Moscow”

The dance between the World Anti-Doping Agency and the Russian government will continue on Wednesday, as a three-person WADA team will make another trip...

BOBSLED: Disgraced Zubkov wants a personal letter in order to return his medals

Disgraced Russian gold medalist Alexander Zubkov, who piloted the two-man and four-man sleds to victory in Sochi in 2014, but was disqualified for doping...

DOPING: Russian NOC appeals Moscow decision to ignore Zubkov’s Sochi doping

In a move dripping with political calculations, the Russian National Olympic Committee appealed the decision of the Moscow City Court that invalidated the doping...

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