VOX POPULI: “Hire Jill Ellis” and a new way to think about 1:59:40!

From our readers:

● On Tuesday’s 2-0 loss by the U.S. men’s National Team to Canada:

USSF should hire Jill Ellis to coach the men. She is a winner.
~ Rene Henry (Seattle, Washington)

● On comparing Eliud Kipchoge’s amazing (even though staged) 1:59:40 marathon vs. Brigid Kosgei’s world-record 2:14:04:

If you’ve ever run track, you know how tough running those 400 repeats or intervals can be. Back when I was running in high school (on a 1/5 mile dirt track with square turns) I remember how tough it was to run sub-70’s. Obviously, I wasn’t a talented distance runner, just an average long sprinter/half miler.

So, out of curiosity, I divided Kipchoge’s sub-two-hour marathon by 105, equal to the number of quarter mile repeats he had to do, with zero rest.

The average came out to be 68.38 seconds. Or 26 x 4:34 miles.

Contemplate that? Totally mind-blowing.

But, Kosgei’s average of 5:07 per mile is similarly astounding.

So, I’d have to call it a draw, and understand that we’re in a whole other dimension of understanding the limits of human endurance, regardless of gender.
~ Ron Brumel (Los Angeles, California)

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