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As the IOC tackles its problems, its members are invisible

TSX HEADLINES – for August 8, 2018: When the International Olympic Committee decided it needed to speak directly to the people of Calgary about...

After 125 years, time to say “Thanks, Baron” one more time

PALM DESERT, November 24, 2017 – This Saturday will mark 125 years since a 29-year-old Frenchman named Pierre de Coubertin proposed that the Olympic...

Role reversal: now the cities ask, “Why do we want the Games?”

PALM DESERT, November 22, 2017 – It wasn’t so long ago that it was the International Olympic Committee asking probing questions of a group...

After Innsbruck’s repudiation, is the IOC whistling past the Olympic graveyard?

PALM DESERT, October 20, 2017 – The International Olympic Committee is staying cool after the repudiation of the Winter Games bid by Innsbruck and...

Television: the glue that holds the Olympic Games together

PALM DESERT, September 4, 2017 – There was no such thing as television when the Olympic Games were revived in 1896. Radio networks didn’t...

Are World Championships as important as the Olympic Games?

PALM DESERT, August 16, 2017 – The IAAF’s great World Championships in London was one of the sports highlights of 2017, but how do...

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