Role reversal: now the cities ask, “Why do we want the Games?”

PALM DESERT, November 22, 2017 – It wasn’t so long ago that it was the International Olympic Committee asking probing questions of a group of candidate cities all vying to host the Olympic or Olympic Winter Games.

Now it’s the cities asking: why should be we interested?

What is it in for the cities who host the Games? The cost and the long line of facilities that have gone under-used (or unused) after recent Games has made the shine of new arenas unattractive. So what is the interest?

The city of Calgary, which hosted the 1988 Winter Games, looked closely at the options and surveyed the public. They found that the attraction to the Games may have nothing to do with the sports events at all and instead something that even the democratic process has not brought to the city.

What is it? Get the details in our Lane One commentary, plus a preview of a big weekend of action:

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= p. 11/Basketball: USA Basketball starts a long road to the 2019 FIBA World Cup this week;
= p. 16/Gymnastics: China dominantes World Trampoline Championships in Bulgaria.

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