SPECIAL: Updated! Our revised, 832-event International Sports Calendar for 2022 now posted!

(Errata: Some readers received a version of Monday’s post erroneously identifying
IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell as “Kim McConnell.” Sorry, Kit!)

The coronavirus continues to plague our world, including the international sports calendar. But sport goes on, and as a guide, here’s our exclusive 832-event listing of events for 2022, with a few of the larger events beyond to 2026.

Our updated International Sports Calendar focuses on sports and events on the Olympic and Winter Games program for 2022 and 2024, plus a few other meetings and multi-sports events.

Please note: this listing will change, and some federations have still not posted their events list for 2022! However, this edition is a good place to start for following many of the events coming up in a very busy year ahead.

Two calendars are included in the single PDF download: an 18-page listing in chronological order and a 19-page listing by sport (and in date order within each sport).

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