NORDIC COMBINED: Riiber back on a roll, sweeps both Trondheim races

Norway's Jarl Magnus Riiber (Photo: Granada vai Wikipedia)

Norway’s Jarl Magnus Riiber, the 21-year-old star of this year’s World Cup tour, regained his edge with two impressive wins in front of his home fans in Trondheim (NOR).

Riiber had been in a mild slump – for him – after not winning since 6 January, but he rebounded with impressive wins by almost five seconds in the first race and just 1.2 seconds over Germany’s Vinzenz Geiger in the second.

He now owns a 1,058-701 lead over Johannes Rydzek (GER) with six races left on the schedule. Summaries:

FIS Nordic Combined World Cup
Trondheim (NOR) ~ 26-27 January 2019
(Full results here)

Gundersen 138 m hill/10.0 km I: 1. Jarl Magnus Riiber (NOR), 25:03.7; 2. Magnus Krol (NO), 25:08.2; 3. Wilhelm Denifl (AUT), 25:27.8; 4. Akito Watabe (JPN), 25:51.6; 5. Vinzenz Geiger (GER), 26:04.5.

Gundersen 138 m hill/10.0 km II: 1. Riiber (NOR), 26:15.0; 2. Geiger (GER), 26:16.2; 3. Joergen Graabak (NOR), 26:17.5; 4. Franz-Josef Rehrl (AUT), 26:18.7; 5. Watabe (JPN), 26:20.0.