NORDIC COMBINED Preview: Riiber can just about wrap it in Klingenthal

Norway's Nordic Combined star Jarl Magnus Riiber

While he may not able to mathematically clinch the 2018-19 World Cup title, Norway’s new sensation, Jarl Magnus Riiber, can come close this weekend in Klingenthal (GER). The schedule:

2 February: Gundersen 140 m hill + 10.0 km
3 February: Gundersen 140 m hill + 10.0 km

After winning six of the first eight races on the tour, Riiber fell back a little with solid but not spectacular placings over the next five races. But he won both of the races in front of home fans in Trondheim (NOR) last weekend and now has a 1,058-701 lead over 2017 World Champion Johannes Rydzek (GER). The defending champion, Akito Watabe (JPN), stands third with 694.

Germany’s Fabian Riessle won both of the races in Klingenthal last year, but Riiber was second in the first race and Finland’s Eero Hirvonen won bronze and silver in the two races.

Look for results here.