Hey IOC, follow golf’s lead to fix your Olympic bid (and cost) crisis

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TSX HEADLINES – for July 4, 2018: Sure, it’s a holiday, but no one told the Olympic world about it!

Amid a wild week of events, with the World Cup continuing, Wimbledon and the Tour de France starting and a sensational Diamond League ahead in Lausanne on Thursday, former PGA top-100 money winner and Olympics expert Bill Mallon wants to bring golf’s organizing approach to the Olympic Movement.

In a guest Lane One commentary, Mallon outlines how golf’s major events are managed and how the International Olympic Committee can benefit by following six easy steps.

Plus a full preview of the Athletissima meet coming up in Lausanne, the start of the Tour de France and all about the “basketbrawl” between Australia and the Philippines in an Asian Qualifier:

(1) WORLD CUP: In a European year, is this Brazil’s World Cup to win? If they did it, they’d have to beat three European teams in a row and do something that hasn’t happened in a World Cup in 60 years!

(2) ATHLETICS: Sensational meet ahead in the Olympic capital of Lausanne, featuring Noah Lyles and Michael Norman in the 200 m and everybody trying to figure out how to beat Qatar’s Abderrahman Samba … before he breaks the world record in the 400 m Hurdles!

(3) CYCLING: Our preview of the 105th Tour de France, where there is only one question to be settled: can anyone beat Chris Froome?

(4) VOLLEYBALL: The U.S. women won the inaugural FIVB Nations League title last week, so now it’s the men’s turn! The finals are in France and the U.S. will battle for its first seasonal title since 2014.

(5) BASKETBALL: The wrap-up on the Americas qualifying pools for the second round of games to begin in September, and all the details of the horrific “basketbrawl” in the Philippines where 13 players were ejected and the game with Australia had to be stopped after three quarters!

This issue includes ON DECK reports on Athletics ~ Badminton ~ Beach Volleyball ~ Cycling ~ Gymnastics ~ Swimming ~ Table Tennis ~ Taekwondo ~Volleyball; SCOREBOARD reports on Football and Basketball, plus AGENDA, our exclusive calendar of upcoming international events!

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