TAEKWONDO: Teenager Zolotic leads five defenders to repeat wins at U.S. National Championships

World Junior -52 kg champ Anastasija Zolotic of the U.S. (Photo: Opro Mouthguards)

USA Taekwondo’s 2019 National Championships continued the upward trajectory of 16-year-old Anastasija Zolotic’s career as she won her second straight national title.

Coming off her of 2018 World Junior Championship gold and a World Taekwondo Grand Prix bronze medal in Rome – the youngest U.S. medal winner in Grand Prix history – she dominated the -57 kg division, finishing with a 23-5 finals victory over Aziza Chambers.

She was one of three women’s Nationals winners who will fight in the upcoming Pan American Games in Lima (PER), including -46 kg champ Monique Rodriguez and -73 kg winner Madelynn Gorman-Shore.

There were three successful repeaters: Alasan Ann at -87 kg and Jonathan Healy at +87 kg, and Kiana Chai Chong in the women’s -49 kg class, who won her title with an emphatic, 20-0 win over Kayla Morales. Healy will also be moving ahead to the Pan American Games. Summaries:

USA Taekwondo National Championships
Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) ~ 28 June-4 July 2019
(Full results here)


-54 kg: 1. Van Mitchel Bactista; 2. Jesse Boyoon Seo; 3. Juancarlos Norzagaray and Jake Boohyun Seo. Final: Bactista d. Seo, referee stops contest.

-58 kg: 1. James Howe; 2. Isaak Whitworth; 3. Isaac Weintraub and Tyler Miyagishima. Final: Howe d. Whitworth, 17-6.

-63 kg: 1. Alejandro Chang; 2. Luis Orozco; 3. Oliver Largaespada and Juan Carlos Gomez. Final: Chang d. Orozoco, 10-1.

-68 kg: 1. Khalfani Harris; 2. Charles Buset; 3. Benjamin Snow and Davyd Cabrera. Final: Harris d. Buset, 13-6.

-74 kg: 1. Niklas Poland; 2. Dallas Parker; 3. Zak Day and William Henderson. Final: Poland d. Parker, 21-6.

-80 kg: 1. Darrell Woodward; 2. Nicholas Yates; 3. Sir Gregory Salonis and Skylar Kantaris. Final: Woodward d. Yates, 14-5.

-87 kg: 1. Alasan Ann; 2. Mohammed El Kharzazi; 3. Stephon Freeman and Abdul Rahman. Final: Ann d. El Kharzazi, 22-2.

+87 kg: 1. Jonathan Healy; 2. Russell Gresham; 3. Bryan Davis and Ellis Jennings. Final: Healy d. Gresham, 9-5.


-46 kg: 1. Monique Rodriguez; 2. Ashleigh Nubla Ogan; 3. Tiara Antommarchi and Ellie Bezanson. Final: Rodriguez d. Ogan, 39-11.

-49 kg: 1. Kiana Chai Chong; 2. Kayla Morales; 3. Ashley Taylor and Lea Mave. Final: Chai Chong d. Morales, 20-0.

-53 kg: 1. Anastasija Zolotic; 2. Aziza Chambers; 3. Jadae Bezanson and Samantha Leong. Final: Zolotic d. Chambers, 23-5.

-57 kg: 1. Devon Lewis; 2. Naomi Bennett; 3. Luz Elena Garcia and Faith Dillon. Final: Lewis d. Bennett, 29-9.

-62 kg: 1. Amanda Bluford; 2. Danica Deaton; 3. Anna Brajdic and Larissa Gallo. Final: Bluford d. Deaton, 26-3.

-67 kg: 1. Miriam Galecki; 2. Trinity Noble; 3. Cecilia Cozza and Mandy McCutcheon. Final: Galecki d. Noble, 9-1.

-73 kg: 1. Madelynn Gorman-Shore; 2. Ashley Maye; 3. Wendy Louie and Mason Porch. Final: Gorman-Shore d. Maye, 21-1.

+73 kg: 1. Hannah Keck; 2. Taylor Ramirez; 3. Madelynne Douglas and Sanaz Shahbazi. Final: Keck d. Ramirez, 14-6.