NORDIC COMBINED Preview: Is Riiber still rolling, or slowing to a stop?

Austria's Mario Seidl

With 13 of 21 World Cup events completed, the question is still open: is this Jarl Magnus Riiber’s year?

The 21-year-old Norwegian ran away with the first half of the schedule, winning six of the first eight competitions and building a big lead in the World Cup standings. But he hasn’t won since – either an event or a medal in the five races since.

He hasn’t been bad, finishing 4-4-7-6-5 in the last five and holding a commanding 858-669-648 lead over Mario Seidl (AUT) and Germany’s reigning World Champion, Johannes Rydzek.

The hottest athletes right now are Austria’s Franz-Josef Rehrl, who won two of the three events at Chaux-Neuve (FRA) last week and was third in the other, and Germany’s Fabian Riessle, who went 3-3-2 there for medals in all three races.

This week, Riiber is back on home ground in Trondheim (NOR), and he and teammate Jorgen Graabak have won a total of seven times this season. The competitions will be off a 140 m hill, followed by a 10.0 km cross-country race.

Riiber is no stranger to Trondheim, scoring a silver in the second race there, while Riessle won bronze and gold. Eric Frenzel (GER) was the other winner there last season.

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