NORDIC COMBINED Preview: Four in a row for Riiber in Ramsau?

Norway's Jarl Magnus Riiber

The Nordic Combined World Cup has been in repose since the three-event Lillehammer Tour in early December, but the circuit will start up again in Ramsau (AUT) with two Gundersen-style event, off a 98 m hill, with a 10.0 km cross-country race to follow. The standings:

1. 380 Jarl Magnus Riiber (NOR)
2. 196 Eric Frenzel (GER)
3. 189 Mario Seidl (AUT)
4. 165 Johannes Rydzek (GER)
5. 147 Jorgen Graabak (NOR)

Riiber has been the early sensation, with three wins in a row in Lillehammer (NOR). Just 21, he’s the new wunderkind in the sport, having ranked seventh in the World Cup standings last season. He entered this season with 11 World Cup medals, but only one win. He’s now won three in a row.

Frenzel, who won five seasonal World Cup titles in a row before Akito Watabe (JPN) took over last season, has won two medals this season, as has Rydzek. Frenzel and teammate Fabian Riessle won the two events in Ramsau last season; in fact, Frenzel has won one of the Ramsau races for three straight years!

Look for results here.