New math? How does an $8.5 million subsidy in 2016 turn into a profit in 2017?

PALM DESERT, November 6, 2017 – If there is anything which chases people away from the Olympic Games these days, it’s the exorbitant cost. So when the City of Windsor, Ontario trumpets finishing “in the black” when in fact the FINA World Short Course Swimming Championships cost Canadian taxpayers $8.5 million in subsidies, it’s another example of happy talk in place of real facts.

Another example of “new math”?

Get the background and the details in our Lane One commentary, plus coverage of a great weekend for American athletes in the U.S., Asian and Africa:

= p. 5/Athletics: Sensational win for U.S.’s Shalane Flanagan in women’s New York Marathon!
= p. 9/Cycling: 16-year-old Hannah Roberts wins second straight Freestyle Park World Cup!
= p. 10/Fencing: Eli Dershwitz scores first career gold in Sabre World Cup in Africa!
= p. 11/Figure Skating: Two Russian wins, two American medals in Audi Cup of China;
= p. 12/Wrestling: U.S. wins 15 golds at Dave Schultz Memorial Invitational.

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