LUGE Preview: Two seasonal titles could be clinched this week in Oberhof

Germany's luge star Johannes Ludwig (Photo: Sandro Halank via Wikipedia)

The eighth of nine stops on the FIL World Tour comes this weekend in Oberhof (GER), with competitions will be held in the standard races, plus a team relay. Thus far, none of the seasonal titles have been clinched, but that could change this weekend:

Men’s Singles:
1. 543 Johannes Ludwig (GER)
2. 537 Felix Loch (GER)
3. 520 Reinhard Egge (AUT)

Men’s Doubles:
1. 810 Toni Eggert/Sascha Benecken (GER)
2. 652 Thomas Steu/Lorenz Koller (AUT)
3. 598 Tobias Wendl/Tobias Arlt (GER)

Women’s Singles:
1. 782 Natalie Geisenberger (GER)
2. 651 Julia Taubitz (GER)
3. 506 Summer Britcher (USA)

Loch really closed in on the last with his win last week in Altenberg, with Ludwig third and could take over the lead this week. Geisenberger and Eggert and Benecken have just about sewn up their seasonal titles, and could clinch this week.

There will be two races in all three classes in Sochi (RUS) to end the season, a standard race and a sprint. Look for results from Oberhof here.