FREESTYLE SKIING Preview: World Cup Slopestyle titles at stake in Silvaplana

World Cup Slopestyle leader Mac Forehand (USA) (Photo: Stratton Mountain School)

The final chapter in the 2018-19 Freestyle World Cup will be written in Silvaplana (SUI) this weekend, with the men’s and women’s Slopestyle titles to be determined. The standings after four events:

Men’s Slopestyle:
1. 225 Mac Forehand (USA)
2. 203 Max Moffatt (CAN)
3. 170 Oliwer Magnusson (SWE)
4. 142 Philippe Langevin (CAN)
5. 140 Ferdinand Dahl (NOR)

Women’s Slopestyle:
1. 230 Sarah Hoefflin (SUI)
2. 203 Eileen Gu (USA)
3. 181 Megan Oldham (CAN)
4. 160 Mathilde Gremaud (SUI)
5. 155 Julia Krass (USA)

The men’s division has had four different winners in the four events, and only the 17-year-old Forehand (1-1-0), Dahl (0-1-1) and Kiernan Fagan (USA: 0-0-2) have won two medals. Last season in Silvaplana, Alex Hall (USA), Swiss Andri Ragettli and Dahl won the medals.

In the women’s competition, there have also been four winners in the four events, with leader Hoefflin (1-1-0), Gu (1-1-0), Oldham (0-1-1) and Gremaud (1-0-1) all having won two medals. These four have won eight of the 12 medals awarded this season. Last season’s medalists in Silvaplana were Tess Ledeux (FRA), Johanne Killi (NOR) and Jennie-Lee Burmansson (SWE).

Kelly Sildaru (EST) won the season opener in Austria last November, and also won the Halfpipe World Cup opener in December; she finished fourth in the seasonal Halfpipe standings.

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