FENCING: World Champs Borel and Beljajeva win Epee Grand Prix; bronze for U.S.’s Hoyle

French epee star Yannick Borel (Photo: Marie-Lan Nguyen via Wikipedia Commons)

The first Grand Prix of the 2018-19 FIE season saw two familiar faces at the top of the podium, as reigning World Champion Yannick Borel (FRA) and 2013 World champion Julia Beljajeva (EST) won the gold medals.

But behind these two stars were a lot of surprises. Both runner-ups were hardly household names, with Spain’s Yulen Pereira, 23, winning his first Grand Prix medal and the same for Keenya Pantelyeyeva of Ukraine.

Unheralded Jacob Hoyle of the U.S., ranked no. 24 in the world, claimed his first-ever Grand Prix (or World Cup) medal with a bronze, losing to Borel, 15-10, in the semifinals.

In the men’s Foil World Cup in Tokyo (JPN), no. 1-ranked Richard Kruse defeated American Race Imboden, 15-9, in the final. The women’s Foil World Cup in St. Maur (FRA) was another showcase for Russia’s Olympic and World Cup champ Inna Deriglazova, who defeated Italy’s no. 2-ranked Alice Volpi. France’s Cecilia Berder won the women’s World Cup Sabre tournament in Salt Lake City (USA). Summaries:

FIE Epee Grand Prix
Doha (QAT) ~ 25-27 January 2019
(Full results here)

Men’s Epee: 1. Yannick Borel (FRA); 2. Yulen Pereira (ESP); 3. Jacob Hoyle (USA) and Bogdan Nikishin (UKR). Semis: Borel d. Hoyle, 15-10; Pereira d. Nikishin, 15-9. Final: Borel d. Pereira, 15-4.

Women’s Epee: 1. Julia Beljajeva (EST); 2. Kseniya Pantelyeyeva (UKR); 3. Hyojung Jung (KOR) and Violetta Kolobova (RUS). Semis: Beljajeva d. Jung, 15-6; Pantelyeyeva d. Kolobova, 15-12. Final: Beljajeva d. Pantelyeyeva, 15-11.

FIE Foil World Cup
Tokyo (JPN) ~ 25-27 January 2019
(Full results here)

Men’s Foil: 1. Richard Kruse (GBR); 2. Race Imboden (USA); 3. Alessio Foconi (ITA) and Daniele Garozzo (ITA). Semis: Imboden d. Foconi, 15-6; Kruse d. Garozzo, 15-10. Final: Kruse d. Imboden, 15-9.

Men’s Team Foil: 1. Italy; 2. United States; 3. Korea; 4. Russia. Semis: U.S. d. Korea, 45-32; Italy d. Russia, 45-29. Third: Korea d. Russia, 45-29. Final: Italy d. U.S., 45-43.

FIE Foil World Cup
St. Maur (FRA_ ~ 25-27 January 2019
(Full results here)

Women’s Foil: 1. Inna Deriglazova (RUS); 2. Alice Volpi (ITA), 3. Francesca Palumbo (ITA) and Ysoara Thibus (FRA). Semis: Volpi d. Palumbo, 15-11; Deriglazova d. Thibus, 15-12. Final: Deriglazova d. Volpi. 15-12.

Women’s Team Foil: 1. France; 2. Russia; 3. Italy; 4. United States. Semis: France d. U.S., 45-44; Russia d. Italy, 45-38. Third: Italy d. U.S., 45-37. Final: France d. Russia, 41-39.

FIE Sabre World Cup
Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) ~ 25-27 January 2019
(Full results here)

Women’s Sabre: 1. Cecilia Berder (FRA); 2. Anna Marton (HUN); 3. Irene Vecchi (ITA) and Sofya Velikaya (RUS). Semis: Berder d. Velikaya, 15-7; Marton d. Vecchi, 15-9. Final: Berder d. Marton, 15-14.

Women’s Team Sabre: 1. France; 2. Hungary; 3. Italy; 4. China. Semis: France d. China, 45-37; Hungary d. Italy, 45-37. Third: Italy d. China, 45-40. Final: France d. Hungary, 45-42.