FENCING: U.S. finishes with five of six team titles in Pan American Championships

Worlds Sabre bronze medalist Anne-Elizabeth Stone of the U.S. (Photo: FIE)

The U.S. national fencing squad was expected to overrun the Pan American Championships in Toronto (CAN) and did so impressively.

Following the individual competitions, where Americans won five of the six classes, the U.S. did the same in the team events, winning five of the six classes, finishing second in the men’s Team Epee.

By doing so, the U.S. ended with five fencers who won two golds in Toronto: Race Imboden and Eli Dershwitz in men’s Foil and Sabre, and Kelley Hurley (Epee), Nicole Ross (Foil) and Eliza Stone (Sabre). Summaries:

Pan American Fencing Championships
Toronto (CAN) ~ 27 June-2 July 2019
(Full results here)


Epee: 1. Ruben Limardo Gascon (VEN); 2; Jesus Limardo (VEN); 3. Yunior Reytor Venet (CUB) and Jose Felix Dominguez (ARG). Semis: Limardo Gascon d. Reytor Venet, 15-8; Limardo d. Dominguez, 15-12. Final: Limardo Gascon d. Limardo, 15-14.

Team Epee: 1. Cuba (Reytor, Patterson, Henriquez); 2. United States (Jacob Hoyle, James Kaull, Curtis McDowald, Adam Rodney); 3. Argentina; 4. Canada. Semis: U.S. d. Canada, 45-39; Cuba d. Argentina, 45-39. Third: Argentina d. Canada, 42-37. Final: Cuba d. U.S., 45-38.

Foil: 1. Race Imboden (USA); 2. Guilherme Toldo (BRA); 3. Alex Massialas (USA) and Gerek Meinhardt (USA). Semis: Imboden d. Meinhardt, 15-7; Toldo d. Massialas, 15-14. Final: Imboden d. Toldo, 15-4.

Team Foil: 1. United States (Race Imboden, Alexander Massialas, Gerek Meinhardt, Nick Itkin) 2. Canada; 3. Brazil; 4. Chile. Semis: U.S. d. Chile, 45-25; Canada d. Brazil, 45-41. Third: Brazil d. Chile, 45-28. Final: U.S. d. Canada, 45-27.

Sabre: 1. Eli Dershwitz (USA); 2. Daryl Homer (USA); 3. Joseph Polossifakis (CAN) and Pascual Maria di Tella (ARG). Semis: Homer d. Di Tella, 15-3; Dershwitz d. Polossifakis, 15-10. Final: Dershwitz d. Homer, 15-14.

Team Sabre: 1. United States (Eli Dershwitz, Daryl Homer, Jeff Spear, Khalil Thompson) 2. Canada; 3. Argentina; 4. Colombia. Semis: U.S. d. Argentina, 45-21; Canada d. Colombia, 45-29. Third: Argentina d. Colombia, 45-35. Final: U.S. d. Canada, 45-37.


Epee: 1. Kelley Hurley (USA); 2. Maria Martinez (VEN); 3. Nathalie Moellhausen (BRA) and Maria Luisa Doig (PER). Semis: Hurley d. Moellhausen, 15-11; Martinez d. Doig, 15-9. Final: Hurley d. Martinez, 15-7.

Team Epee: 1. United States (Katharine Holmes, Kelley Hurley, Courtney Hurley, Catherine Nixon); 2. Brazil; 3. Canada; 4. Argentina. Semis: U.S. d. Argentina, 45-17; Brazil d. Canada, 45-38. Third: Canada d. Argentina, 45-40. Final: U.S. d. Brazil, 44-33.

Foil: 1. Nicole Ross (USA); 2. Jessica Guo (CAN); 3. Kelleigh Ryan (CAN) and Eleanor Harvey (CAN). Semis: Ross d. Harvey, 6-5; Guo d. Ryan, 165-10. Final: Ross d. Guo, 11-10.

Team Foil: 1. United States (Jacqueline Dubrovich, Lee Keifer, Nzingha Prescod, Nicole Ross) 2. Canada; 3. Chile; 4. Brazil. Semis: U.S. d. Chile, 45-19; Canada d. Brazil, 45-18. Third: Chile d. Brazil, 45-37. Final: U.S. d. Canada, 45-42.

Sabre: 1. Anne-Elizabeth Stone (USA); 2. Mariel Zaguins (USA); 3. Gabriella Page (CAN) and Maria Perez Maurice (ARG). Semis: Ross d. Perez Maurice, 15-11; Zagunis d. Page, 15-13. Final: Stone d. Zagunis, 15-14.

Team Sabre: 1. United States (Chloe Fox-Gitomer, Aleksandra Shelton, Eliza Stone, Kamali Thompson); 2. Canada; 3. Mexico; 4. Canada. Semis: U.S. d. Mexico, 45-42; Canada d. Venezuela, 45-38. Third: Mexico d. Venezuela, 45-36. Final: U.S. d. Canada, 45-34.