EXTRA: PyeongChang Games close: Norway on top, Russia not

TSX EXTRA – for Feb. 25, 2018: The PyeongChang Games are over, but will not soon be forgotten, for both good and bad:

  • Norwegian domination, with the most medals in a single Winter Games;
  • First time ever that an athlete won medals in two different sports … in one Games!
  • First time an athlete won two gold medals in two different sports … in one Games!
  • The biggest medal-winner in Olympic Winter Games history wins the final event;
  • Best double in Olympic history: gold medal on Wednesday, election to the IOC a day later!

On top of all of this was the Russian issue, with two doping positives – out of a total of three in the Games – forcing the International Olympic Committee Executive Board to maintain its suspension … for a few more days.

This issue has the full list of Winter Games medalists and our exclusive play-by-play of the Closing Ceremony!