CYCLING: Close but no cigar for Kristoff at Eschborn-Frankfurt as Ackermann wins

pascal Ackermann (GER) got to the line first at the 58th Eschborn-Frankfurt

A fifth straight win at Eschborn-Frankfurt looked possible for Norway’s Alexander Kristoff, but for the first time in eight years, a German rider took the honors as Pascal Ackermann was the one to sprint to the line first.

A breakaway group tore away from the peloton early, but broke up and was replaced by another seven-rider group with 50 km to go. But they were going to be caught, as the advantage was down to 15 seconds with about 20 km left, and the trailers drew level with less than 5 km remaining.

Davide Cimolai (ITA) attacked with less than 1,000 m remaining, but he was overtaken by Ackermann, fellow German John Degenkolb – the last national winner of this race – and Kristoff. But it was Ackermann this time – not Kristoff – who found the open lane against the barricades and rushed to the finish line first.

This was the first German 1-2 in this race – in its 58th edition in 2019 – since 1994. For Kristoff, so close to his fifth win in a row, he had to be content with a fifth medal in a row. Summary:

UCI World Tour/Eschborn-Frankfurt
Eschborn to Frankfurt (GER) ~ 1 May 2019
(Full results here)

Final Standings (187.5 km): 1. Pascal Ackermann (GER), 4:23:36; 2. John Degenkold (GER), 4:23:36; 3. Alexander Kristoff (NOR), 4:23:36; 4. Davide Cimolai (ITA), 4:23:36; 5. Hugo Hofstetter (FRA), 4:23:36; 6. Baptiste Planckaert (BEL), 4:23:36; 7. Davide Gabburo (ITA), 4:23:36; 8. Lawrence Naesen (BEL), 4:23:36; 9. Marco Haller (AUT), 4:23:36; 10. Grega Bole (SLO), 4:23:36. Also in the top 25: 22. Larry Warbasse (USA), 4:23:36; … 25. Sean Bennett (USA), 4:23:36.