BULLETIN: IPC votes to allow Russian neutrals at Paris 2024

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The International Paralympic Committee’s General Assembly, meeting in Bahrain on Friday, took two votes on the question of suspending the membership of the Russian Paralympic Committee, ultimately agreeing on a partial suspension. Per the IPC on Twitter:

● “At the IPC General Assembly in Bahrain, IPC members voted 74-65 (13 abstentions) against a motion to fully suspend NPC Russia for breaches of its constitutional membership obligations. After lunch members will discuss a motion to partially suspend the NPC.”

● “The IPC General Assembly voted 90-56 (six abstentions) to partially suspend NPC Russia for breaches of its constitutional membership obligations.”

● “Due to the partial suspension NPC Russia loses all IPC membership rights, however its athletes are eligible to participate in an individual and neutral capacity at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.”

More details are forthcoming.

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