BOXING: Cuba wins five, U.S. and Dominicans top medal table at AMBC Pan Am Qualifier

Troy Isley (USA), the Pan Am qualifier gold medalist at 75 kg.

This summer’s Pan American Games boxing competition will be a replay of the Americas Boxing Confederation qualification event in Managua (NIC), as the top seven or eight fighters in each class qualified for the Games.

Based on the bouts in Managua, look for a three-day showdown between Cuba, the U.S. and the Dominican Republic.

The Cubans had five wins and eight medals overall, all in the men’s category, including victories from reigning (2017) World Champions Yosvany Veitia (52 kg), Andy Cruz (64 kg), Julio Cesar la Cruz (81 kg) and Erislandy Savon (91 kg).

The U.S. won four golds and had nine total medals to top the table with the Dominicans (2-2-5). American wins came from Delante Johnson (69 kg) and Troy Isley (75 kg) among the men and Virginia Fuchs (51 kg) and Rashida Ellis (60 kg) in the women’s events. The American squad won two silvers and three bronzes in an excellent showing. They will try to do better this summer in Lima; summaries:

Americas Boxing Confederation/Pan American Qualifier
Managua (NIC) ~ 4-10 April 2019
(Full results here)


49 kg: 1. Yuberjen Martinez (COL); 2. Oscar Collazo (PUR); 3. Kevin Vivas (NCA) and Ronaldo da Silva (BRA). Semis: Martinez d. Vivas, 5:0; Collazo d. da Silva, 3:2. Final: Martinez d. Collazo, 4:1.

52 kg: 1. Yosvany Veitia (CUB); 2. Marte Rodrigo (DOM); 3. Yilmar Gonzalez (COL) and Rivera Yankiel (PUR). Semis: Veitia d. Gonzalez, 5:0; Rodrigo d. Yankiel, 3:2. Final: Veitia d. Rodrigo, forfeit.

56 kg: 1. Alexy de la Cruz (DOM); 2. Jean Caicedo (ECU); 3. Duke Ragan (USA) and Ceiber Avila (COL). Semis: de la Cruz d. Avila, forfeit; Caicedo d. Ragan, 3:2. Final: De la Cruz d. Caicedo, 4:1.

60 kg: 1. Leonel de los Santos (DOM); 2. Lazaro Alvarez (CUB); 3. Luis Cabrera (VEN) and Jonathan Romero (COL). Semis: De los Santos d. Cabrera, 5:0; Alvarez d. Romero, 5:0. Final: De los Santos d. Alvarez, 3:2.

64 kg: 1. Andy Cruz (CUB); 2. Keyshawn Davis (USA); 3. Miguel Ferrin (ECU) and Michael Alexander (TTO). Semis: Cruz d. Ferrin, 5:0; Davis d. Alexander, 5:0. Final: Cruz d. Davis, 3:2.

69 kg: 1. Delante Johnson (USA); 2. Rohan Polanco (DOM); 3. Roniel Iglesias (CUB) and Gabriel Maestre (VEN). Semis: Johnson d. Iglesias, forfeit; Polanco d. Maestre, 5:0. Final: Johnson d. Polanco, forfeit.

75 kg: 1. Troy Isley (USA); 2. Arlen Lopez (CUB); 3. Hebert Conceicao (BRA) and Euri Cedeno (DOM). Semis: Lopez d. Cedeno. forfeit; Isley d. Concaicao, forfeit. Final: Isley d. Lopez, 3:2.

81 kg: 1. Julio la Cruz (CUB); 2. Carlos Mina (ECU); 3. Keno Machado (BRA) and Luis Georges (DOM). Semis: La Cruz d. Machado, 5:0; Mina d. Georges, forfeit. Final: La Cruz d. Mina, 5:0.

91 kg: 1. Erislandy Savon (CUB); 2. Julio Deivis (COL); 3. Joaquin Berroa (DOM) and Julio Castillo (ECU). Semis: Savon d. Berroa, 5:0; Deivis d. Castillo, 3:2. Final: Savon d. Deivis, TKO (R3: 2:57).

+91 kg: 1. Dainier Pero (CUB); 2. Cristian Salcedo (COL); 3. Darwin Rodriguez (NCA) and Richard Torrez (USA). Semis: Pero d. Rodriguez, retired (R2: 1:44); Salcedo d. Torrez, forfeit. Final: Pero d. Salcedo, 5:0.


51 kg: 1. Virginia Fuchs (USA); 2. Valeria Cardenas (CRC); 3. Irismar Cardozo (VEN) and Miguelina Hernandez (DOM). Semis: Fuchs d. Cardozo, 5:0; Cardenas d. Hernandez, 4:1. Final: Fuchs d. Cardenas, 5:0.

57 kg: 1. Leonela Sanchez (ARG); 2. Yeni Arias (COL); 3. Sabrina Aubin (CAN) and Jucielen Romeu (BRA). Semis: Sanchez d. Aubin, 5:0; Arias d. Romeu, 4:1. Final: Sanchez d. Arias, forfeit.

60 kg: 1. Rashida Ellis (USA); 2. Beatriz Ferreira (BRA); 3. Krisandy Rios (VEN) and Irene Fiolek (CAN). Semis: Ellis d. Rios, 5:0; Ferreira d. Fiolek, 5:0. Final: Ellis d. Ferreira, 5:0.

69 kg: 1. Atheyna Bylon (PAN); 2. Oshae Jones (USA); 3. Maria Moronta (DOM) and Nisa Rodriguez (PUR). Semis: Bylon d. Moronta, 5:0; Jones d. Rodriguez, 5:0. Final: Bylon d. Jones, 5:0.

75 kg: 1. Tammara Thiebault (CAN); 2. Jessica Caicedo (COL); 3. Naomi Graham (USA) and Erika Pachito (ECU). Semis: Caicedo d. Pachito, 5:0; Thiebault d. Graham, 5:0. Final: Thiebault d. Caicedo, 4:1.