ARTISTIC SWIMMING: Seven-for-seven for Japan’s Yukiko Inui in World Series Greensboro

Japan's Yukiko Inui (Photo: FINA/Hiroyuki Nakamura)

/Updated: see footnote/The revelation of the 2019 Artistic Swimming World Series has been the evolution of Japan’s Yukiko Inui.

A two-time Olympic bronze medalist in Duet and Team in Rio and a six-time World Championships bronze medalist, she has shown this season that, at 28, she is a threat for higher honors when the World Championships come in Korea in July.

She dominated the sixth stop of the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series in Greensboro, North Carolina – being held in conjunction with the Synchro America Open – winning seven events, including the Solo Technical, Solo Free, Duet Technical and Duet Free (with Megumu Yoshida) and the Team Technical, Team Free and Team Combination events.

Canada’s Jacqueline Simoneau also showed well, posting solid scores behind Inui in the Solo events, and in the Duet programs with Claudia Holzner. Summaries:

FINA Artistic Swimming World Series/Synchro America Open
Greensboro, North Carolina (USA) ~ 24-26 May 2019
(Full results here)

Solo Technical: 1. Yukiko Inui (JPN), 91.8795; 2. Jacqueline Simoneau (CAN), 88.2067; 3. Monica Sarai Arango (COL), 79.0542.

Solo Free: 1. Inui (JPN), 93.7583; 2. Simoneau (CAN), 90.5083; 3. Camila Arregui (ARG), 76.3000.

Duet Technical: 1. Yukiko Inui/Megumu Yoshida (JPN), 91.1045; 2. Claudia Holzner/Jacqueline Simoneau (CAN), 88.6425; 3. Anita Alvarez/Ruby Remati (USA), 85.8815.

Duet Free: 1. Inui/Yoshida (JPN), 92.3083; 2. Holzner/Simoneau (CAN), 89.4500; 3. Anita Alvarez/Lindi Mary Schroeder (USA), 86.0083.

Team Technical: 1. Japan, 92.0689; 2. United States, 85.5973; 3. Colombia, 75.7722.

Team Free: 1. Japan, 92.2833; 2. United States, 87.9333; 3. Colombia, 79.2583.

Team Combination: 1. Japan, 93.8167; 2. Hungary, 76.8583 (only entrants).

Team Highlight: 1. Hungary, 75.4500 (only entrant).

Mixed Duet Technical: 1. Bill May/Natalia Vega (USA), 87.6667; 2. Algerim Issayeva/Olzhas Makhanbetiyarov (KAZ), 65.4532 (only entrants).

Mixed Duet Free: 1. Erin Gorney/Chris Leahy (USA), 65.5750 (only entrant).

(Update: This post was amended to include the results of the Team Free Combination, which was not previously available.)