Are the hurdles suddenly the most watch-worthy events in track & field?

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TSX HEADLINES – for June 22, 2018: In the late 1970s, the hurdle events were the ones you made sure you were in your seat for, thanks to stars like Renaldo Nehemiah, Greg Foster and Edwin Moses.

Forty years later, it’s deja vu all over again, thanks to the newest generation of youngsters, especially Florida high hurdler Grant Holloway and Kentucky freshman (but only for this season) Sydney McLaughlin.

We have a look at their achievements and plans for the summer in our Lane One commentary, plus so much going on in the worldwide five-ring circus of sport:

(1) THE BIG PICTURE: USA Gymnastics suspends Olympic bronze medalist Alex Naddour and the Int’l Skating Federation suspends two Chinese judges for bias during the PyeongChang Winter Games!

(2) WORLD CUP: Europe’s domination of the World Cup continued on Thursday with Croatia’s 3-0 embarrassment of Argentina. Exclusive statistics show how much better the Europeans are than everyone else in the tournament, like out-scoring its opponents by 35-14 through 91 games, or 25-7 in the second halves!

(3) ATHLETICS: At the U.S. Nationals, a terrific triple jump between the two best Americans of all time and Georgia’s Keturah Orji came out on top with the no. 5 jump in U.S. history. Oh yes, and in the heats of the men’s 100 m, Michael Rodgers set a new world-leading time; not bad for a 33-year-old!

(4) CYCLING: Who cares about age? How about a 43-year-old national champ in the women’s Individual Time Trial? It happened for the second year in a row to the amazing Amber Neben!

(5) FENCING: American fencers swept all six team titles at the Pan American Championships in Havana, and have won 11 of the 12 events on the program. Wow!

This issue includes ON DECK previews of Canoeing ~ Hockey ~ Modern Pentathlon ~ Rowing ~ Triathlon ~ Wrestling; SCOREBOARD reports on Football ~ Athletics ~ Cycling ~ Fencing ~ Water Polo, plus AGENDA, our exclusive calendar of upcoming international events!

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