ARCHERY: Korea sweeps Recurve World Cup Finals

Korea’s domination of the Olympic Recurve class continues with a sweep of all three titles at the World Archery World Cup Final in Samsun (TUR).

The 2015 World Champion, Woo-Jin Kim (pictured) won his third World Cup Final, defending his title from 2017 (he also won in 2012) by beating countryman Woo-Seok Lee in the final, 7-3. The women’s title went to first-year senior competitor, Eun-Gyeong Lee, who defeated Turkey’s Yasemin Anagoz, also by 7-3.

Then Kim and Hye-Jin Chang won the Mixed Recurve title over Anagoz and Mete Gazoz of Turkey.

Brady Ellison of the U.S. won the men’s Recurve bronze, his eighth medal in a World Cup Final; he’s won the event four times and has earned a medal each year since 2010, except for 2015.

In the women’s Recurve, India’s Deepika Kumari won the bronze to go along with four silvers.

American Kris Schaff, a newcomer to the international scene, won the men’s Compound division, edging 2015 champ Demir Elmaagcli (TUR) in the final, 148-146.

“I’m super ecstatic about my performance out there today,” said Schaff. “This morning, during practice, I was shooting awful, I was messing with my draw and stuff like that. After beating Mike (Schloesser/NED), I was like ‘yeah, I’m shooting good enough here.’”

Colombia’s Sara Lopez equaled Ellison’s record of four World Cup Final wins in the women’s Compound division, winning her fourth title in the last five years.

Prize money for the top four places was CHF 20,000-10,000-5,000-1,000, plus a trophy and a Longines watch for the winners! Summaries:

World Archery World Cup Final
Samsun (TUR) ~ 29-30 September 2018
(Full results here)

Men/Recurve: 1. Woo-Jin Kim (KOR); 2. Woo-Seok Lee (KOR); 3. Brady Ellison (USA); 4. Taylor Worth (AUS). Semis: Lee d. Ellison, 6-2; Kim d. Worth, 6-4. Third: Ellison d. Worth, 6-5 (shoot-off: 10-9). Final: Kim d. Lee, 7-3.

Men/Compound: 1. Kris Schaff (USA); 2. Demir Elmaagcli (TUR); 3. Abhishek Verma (IND); 4. J0ng-Ho Kim (KOR). Semis: Schaff d. Kim, 148-147; Elmaagcli d. Verma, 147-145; Third: Verma d. Kim,149-147; Final: Schaff d. Elmaagcli, 148-146.

Women/Recurve: 1. Eun-Gyeong Lee (KOR); 2. Yasemin Anagoz (TUR); 3. Deepika Kumari (IND); 4. Lisa Unruh (GER). Semis: Lee d. Unruh, 6-4; Anagoz d. Kumari, 7-3. Third: Kumari d. Unruh, 6-5 (shoot-off 9-9). Final: Lee d. Anagoz, 6-4.

Women/Compound: 1. Sara Lopez (COL); 2. Linda Ochoa-Anderson (MEX); 3. Chae-Won So (KOR); 4. Marcella Tonioli (ITA). Semis: Lopez d. So, 148-146; Ochoa-Anderson d. Tonioli, 145-144. Third: So d. Tonioli, 146-139. Final: Lopez d. Ochoa-Anderson, 146-144.

Mixed/Recurve: 1. Hye-Jin Chang/Woo-Jin Kim (KOR); 2. Yasemin Anagoz/Mete Gazoz (TUR); only entrants. Final: Chang/Kim d. Anagoz/Gazoz, 5-1.

Mixed/Compound: 1. Yesim Bostan/Demir Elmaagcli (TUR); 2. Jyothi Surekha Vennam/Abhishek Vema (IND); only entrants. Final: Bostan/Elmaagcli d. Vennam/Verma, 159-152.

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