ARCHERY: Kang takes second straight World Cup win; U.S. takes four Compound titles in Shanghai

Korea's World Cup winner Chae-Young Kang (Photo: World Archery)

It’s early in the season, but Korea’s Chae-Young Kang is making it clear that despite her youth, she is going to be a candidate for all honors at the World Championships and the Olympic Games in the women’s division.

The 22-year-old from Seoul won the second World Cup of the season with an emphatic 6-0 win over Tomoni Sugimoto of Japan, to go along with her 6-0 win in the opening World Cup in Colombia over Melanie Gaubil (FRA).

Korea swept the individual Recurve honors as Woo-Seok Lee overcame American Brady Ellison in the semifinals – Ellison won in Colombia – and won the final against 2015 World Champion Woojin Kim, 6-2. Ellison finished third, swamping Dutch shooter Sjef van den Berg, 6-0.

The U.S. scored well in the non-Olympic Compound division, winning the men’s individual title (Braden Gellenthien) and taking silver (Sophia Strachan) and bronze (Alexis Ruiz) in the women’s competition. For Strachan, 20, it was her first career World Cup medal, and those two combined with Jamie Van Natta to win the women’s Team Compound title. Gellenthien, Kris Schaff and Matt Sullivan won the men’s Team Compound division. Sullivan and Ruiz won the Mixed Doubles Compound title. Summaries:

World Archery World Cup
Shanghai (CHN) ~ 6-12 May 2019
(Full results here)


Recurve: 1. Woo-Seok Lee (KOR); 2. Woojin Kim (KOR); 3. Brady Ellison (USA); 4. Sjef van den Berg (NED). Semis: Kim d. van den Berg, 7-1; Lee d. Ellison, 6-4. Third: Ellison d. van den Berg, 6-0. Final: Lee d. Kim, 6-2.

Team Recurve: 1. Chinese Taipei (Wei, Deng, Tang); 2. Turkey; 3. Korea; 4. Bangladesh. Semis: Chinese Taipei d. Korea, 5-1; Turkey d. Bangladesh, 5-3. Third: Korea d. Bangladesk, 6-2. Final: Chinese Taipei d. Turkey, 5-1.

Compound: 1. Braden Gellenthien (USA); 2. Brend Frederickx (BEL); 3. Roberto Hernandez (ESA); 4. Evren Cagiran (TUR). Semis: Gellenthien d. Hernandez, 147-146; Frederickx d. Cagiran, 147-146. Third: Hernandez d. Cagiran, 146-144. Final: Gellenthien d. Frederickx, 148-147.

Team Compound: 1. United States (Matt Sullivan, Kris Schaff, Braden Gellenthien); 2. Korea; 3. China; 4. Turkey. Semis: U.S. d. China, 237-236; Korea d. Turkey, 235-234. Third: China d. Turkey, 230-229. Final: U.S. d. Korea, 238-235.


Recurve: 1. Chae-Young Kang (KOR); 2. Tomoni Sugimoto (JPN); 3. Ya-Ting Tan (TPE); 4. Nur Afisa Abdul Halil (MAS). Semis: Sugimoto d. Tan, 6-2; Kang d. Abdul Halil, 6-0. Third: Tan d. Abdul Halil, 6-2. Final: Kang d. Sugimoto, 6-0.

Team Recurve: 1. Korea (Kang, Choi, Chang); 2. China; 3. Chinese Taipei; 4. Iran. Semis: Korea d. Iran, 6-2; China d. Chinese Taipei, 6-0. Third: Chinese Taipei d. Iran, 6-2. Final: Korea d. China, 6-0.

Compound: 1. Chae-Won So (KOR); 2. Sophia Strachan (USA); 3. Alexis Ruiz (USA); 4. Sha Luo (CHN). Semis: So d. Ruiz, 145-145 (shoot-off: 10-9); Strachan d. Luo, 146-140. Third: Ruiz d. Luo, 147-146. Final: So d. Strachan, 148-140.

Team Compound: 1. United States (Alexis Ruiz, Sophia Strachan, Jamie Van Natta); 2. Korea; 3. Turkey; 4. Korea. Semis: Turkey d. Korea, 231-226; U.S. d. Chinese Taipei, 232-229. Third: Turkey d. Chinese Taipei, 227-225. Final: U.S. d. Korea, 229-229 (shoot-off: 30-29).


Team Recurve: 1. Ya-Ting Tan/Chih-Chun Tang (TPE); 2. Yasemin Anagoz/Mete Gazoz (TUR); 3. Mi-Sun Choi/Woo-Seok Lee (KOR); 4. Bryony Pitman/Tom Hall (GBR).
Semis: Turkey d. Korea, 6-2; Chinese Taipei d. Great Britain, 5-1. Third: Choi/Lee d. Pitman/Hall, 6-2. Final: Tan/Tang d. Anagoz/Gazoz, 6-0.

Team Compound: 1. Alexis Ruiz/Matt Sullivan (USA); 2. Sarah Prieels/Brend Frederickx (BEL); 3. Seyedeh-Vida Halimianavval/Mohammad Palizban (IRI); 4. Hung-Ting Cheng/Ka King Yen (HKG). Semis: Prieels/Frederickx d. Halimianavval/Palizban, 158-155; Ruiz/Sullivan d. Cheng/Yen, 159-150. Third: Halimianavval/Palizban d. Cheng/Yen, 153-151. Final: Ruiz/Sullivan d. Prieels/Frederickx, 156-150.