Anita DeFrantz on the 1980 boycott: “It still is extremely painful”

PALM DESERT, October 23, 2017 – Anita DeFrantz rose to fame by suing the United States Olympic Committee to allow American athletes – including her – to compete at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.

She failed, but that was the catalyst for a long career in the Olympic Movement, including a senior role with the organizing committee for the revolutionary 1984 Games in Los Angeles, then becoming a member of the International Olympic Committee and an activist for athletes and women in sport.

She reflected on the 1980 experience and what came after at the launch of her memoir, written with Josh Young, entitled My Olympic Years. We have a selection of her comments in our Lane One commentary, plus:

= p. 6/Figure Skating: Nathan Chen & the Shibutanis strike gold in Moscow Grand Prix!
= p. 14/Fencing: Bronze for Race Imboden and gold for the U.S. men’s Foil team in Cairo;
= p. 15/Football: U.S. men eliminated by England in U-17 World Cup quarterfinals;
= p. 15/Football: U.S. women crush Korea, 6-0, in friendly in North Carolina;
= p. 17/Triathlon: American Sophie Chase wins her 1st ITU race: the American Champs!

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