Three weeks, two World Championships, 68 U.S. medals!

PALM DESERT, August 14, 2017 – Although you wouldn’t even know about them if you were reading U.S. newspapers or watching SportsCenter on ESPN, United States athletes just completed three dominating weeks in the pool and on the track.

Between the swimming portion of the FINA Worlds in Budapest and the IAAF Worlds in London, American stars won a dazzling 68 medals.

How does that compare to Rio? To what other countries did? How do U.S. athletes pull this off? We don’t have the answer to that last question, but the rest of the details are in our Lane One commentary, plus:

= p. 5/Vox Populi: More on eSports, the Olympic Games and the IAAF;
= p. 6/Athletics: U.S. wins gold, silver and bronze to close out the World Champs;
= p. 9/Athletics: Who won what: medals, money, records and results!
= p. 18/Diving: Teenagers dominate U.S. Diving National Championships;
= p. 21/Swimming: Sarah Sjostrom wins $74,000 on one meet in Eindhoven!