If the Russians don’t want to play, why should they have to stay?

TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 23, 2018: The tug of war about sport and Russia is getting more complicated by the day. In addition to an explosive update of the situation at the World Anti-Doping Agency Annual Symposium, the poisoning of two Russians in Britain created a call for a boycott by England at the (more…)

The second time the U.S. track team beat Hitler’s Germany

TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 21, 2018: Everyone remembers the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and how Jesse Owens and other African-American stars made fools out of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. But did you know that two years later, the U.S. did it again? We recount the story of the 1938 track & field (more…)

Do they feel lucky? FIFA and Morocco 2026

TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 19, 2018: One of Hollywood’s unforgettable lines was Clint Eastwood’s question to two criminals looking down the barrel of Inspector Harry Callahan’s .44 Magnum in “Dirty Harry”: “You’ve gotta ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” The question might also apply to representatives of FIFA’s (more…)

The IOC reinstated Russia; now the athletes will have their say

TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 16, 2018: The quick reinstatement of the Russian National Olympic Committee by the International Olympic Committee, there were plenty of athletes who were not happy about it. Now the athletes could get their say. The World Anti-Doping Agency, also not a fan of the IOC’s quick reinstatement of Russia, announced (more…)

Is it time to pay U.S. Olympians a salary?

TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 14, 2018: What does it take for an athlete to win at the highest level, up to and including the Olympic Games? For one, money. While the focus is on the actions – or lack thereof – of the United States Olympic Committee and the U.S. national governing bodies in (more…)

When will the Int’l Paralympic Committee give its athletes the spotlight?

Andrew Parsons of the Int’l Paralympic Committee and Thomas Bach of the Int’l Olympic Committee TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 12, 2018: With considerable fanfare, the heads of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee signed an agreement extending the IOC’s support for the IPC through 2032. Thomas Bach and Andrew Parsons both (more…)

Is the IAAF suddenly the best hope to lead international sport?

TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 9, 2018: Just a few days after the close of the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, leadership in international sport may have jumped from the International Olympic Committee to the worldwide governing body in track & field, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). In a single day this week, (more…)

IOC’s attempt to reduce Games costs is all about icing, not the cake

TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 7, 2018: The International Olympic Committee announced with great fanfare “The New Norm,” a collection of 118 recommendations to the process of bidding, planning and staging the Olympic Games and Winter Games moving forward. The 58-page report claims its concepts could save as much as $959 million if all were (more…)

Endgame: Abused gymnasts asking for USOC & USA Gymnastics takeover

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 5, 2018: The legal entanglements concerning the Larry Nasser sexual abuse scandal will go on for years. But two of the highest-profile filings, for U.S. gold-medal-winning gymnasts McKayla Maroney and Aly Raisman, ask for an unusual remedy. Sure, the normal requests for compensatory (more…)

Bach’s embrace of Russia a re-run of an old Samaranch movie

TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 2, 2018: The International Olympic Committee’s quick re-embrace of Russia didn’t suit a lot of people, but for those who have watched the Olympic Movement over time, we’ve seen this movie before. IOC chief Thomas Bach became a member in 1991 and had 10 years to learn from the brilliant (more…)