WRESTLING: Five golds for U.S. women leads to a women’s Freestyle title in Pan Am Champs

A happy U.S. women's team celebrates the Pan American team title ... again (Photo: USA Wrestling)

A powerful United States women’s team repeated its 2018 victory in the Pan American Championships, this time with five victories and three silver medals in 10 classes in Buenos Aires (ARG).

Leading the charge were four-time World Champion Adeline Gray at 76 kg and Tamyra Mensah-Stock, who won the 68 kg class, as the Americans won nine medals in the 10 weights. Sarah Hildebrandt (53 kg) joined Friday’s winners Alex Hedrick (55 kg) and Julia Salata (65 kg) on the top of the victory stand. Both Hildebrandt and Gray defended their Pan American titles from 2018.

The U.S. piled up an impressive 200-167 edge over Canada in the women’s team totals; the Canadians had winners at 59 kg (Laurence Beauregard) and 72 kg (Dejah Slater); Ecuador was third with 89 points (as did Brazil in fourth).

It’s a little hard to overestimate how dominant Mensah-Stock and Gray were; consider their results:

Tamyrah Mensah-Stock: 3 matches, 3 pins
● Pinned Andrimar Lazaro Diaz (VEN), 1:02
● Pinned Ambar Garnica (MEX), 5:24
● Pinned Yudari Sanchez (CUB), 1:33

Adeline Gray: 4 matches, 2 technical falls, two pins
● Tech. fall vs. Andrea Gutierrez (COL), 10-0
● Tech. fall vs. Erica Weibe (CAN), 10-0
● Pinned Mabelkis Capote (CUB), 5:20
● Pinned Genesis Reasco (ECU), 1:20

The U.S. also won both men’s division settled on Saturday, with Chandler Rogers (79 kg) and J’den Cox (92) taking the honors. The final eight men’s classes will be settled on Sunday. Summaries so far:

Pan American Championships
Buenos Aires (ARG) ~ 18-21 April 2019
(Full results here)


79 kg: 1. Chandler Rogers (USA); 2. . Santiago Martinez Restrepo (COL); 3. Jasingh Phulka (CAN). (Round-robin; no final.)

92 kg: 1. J’den Cox (USA); 2. Jaime Espinal (PUR); 3. Diego Ramirez (PAR). (Round-robin; no final.)


55 kg: 1. Max Nowry (USA); 2. Sargis Khacatryan (BRA); 3. Joshua Medina (PUR). (Round-robin; no final.)

60 kg: 1. Luis Orta Sanchez (CUB); 2. Samuel Gurria Vigueras (MEX); 3. Dicther Toro (COL) and Anthony Palencia (VEN). Final: Ortz d. Gurria, 9-0.

63 kg: 1. Andres Montano (ECU); 2. Ryan Mango (USA); 3. Jose Davila (PER). (Round-robin; no final.)

67 kg: 1. Ismael Borrero (CUB); 2. Ellis Coleman (USA); 3. Shalom Villegas (VEN) and Joilson De Brito Ramos Jr. (BRA). Final: Borrero d. Coleman, 11-1.

72 kg: 1. RaVaughn Perkins (USA); 2. Kenedy Moreia Pedrosa (BRA); 3. Francisco Barrio (ARG). (Round-robin; no final.)

77 kg: 1. Yosvanys Pena (CUB); 2. Kamal Bey (USA); 3. Juan Escobar (MEX) and Jair Cuero (COL). Final: Pena d. Bey, 3-1.

82 kg: 1. Cheney Haight (USA); 2. Carlos Espinoza (PER); 3. Adil Machado (BRA). (Round-robin; no final).

87 kg: 1. Luis Avendano (VEN); 2. Antonio Duran (CUB); 3. Alfonso Leyva (MEX) and Patrick Martinez (USA). Final: Avendano d. Duran, 802.

97 kg: 1. Gabriel Rosillo Kindelan (CUB); 2. G’Angelo Hancock (USA); 3. Kevin Mejia (HON) and Luillys Perez (VEN). Final: Rosillo d.. Hancock, 10-2.

130 kg: 1. Adam Coon (USA); 2. Luciano del Rio (ARG); 3. Angel Pacheco (CUB) and Edgardo Lopez (PUR). Final: Coon pinned del Rio.


50 kg: 1. Yusneyslys Guzman (CUB); 2. Erin Golston (USA); 3. Thalia Mallqi (PER) and Patricia Bermudez (ARG). Final: Guzman d. Golston, 3-0.

53 kg: 1. Sarah Hildebrandt (USA); 2. Luisa Valverde (ECU); 3. Diana Weicker (CAN) and Lilianet Duanes (CUB). Final: Hildebrandt d. Valverde, 11-0.

55 kg: 1. Alex Hedrick (USA); 2. Jayd Davis (CAN); 3. Elis Azerrad (ARG). (Round-robin; no final).

57 kg: 1. Lissette Antes Castillo (ECU); 2. Hannah Taylor (CAN); 3. Jacarra Winchester (USA) and Betzabeth Sarco (VEN). Final: Antes Castillo d. Taylor, 3-3 (criteria).

59 kg: 1. Laurence Beauregard (CAN); 2. Andribeth Rivera Belliard (PUR); 3. Karoline Silva de Santana (BRA). Also: 4. Kelsey Campbell (USA). (Round-robin; no final.)

62 kg: 1. Lais Nunes de Oliveira (BRA); 2. Mallory Velte (USA); 3. Nathaly Griman (VEN) and Abnelis Yambo (PUR). Final: Nunes de Oliveira d. Velte, 6-1.

65 kg: 1. Julia Salata (USA); 2. Jessica Brouillette (CAN); 3. Grabriela Pedro da Rocha (BRA). (Round-robin; no final.)

68 kg: 1. Tamyra Mensah-Stock (USA); 2. Yudari Sanchez (CUB); 3. Olivia de Bacco (CAN) and Ambar Garnica (MEX). Final: Mensah-Stock pinned Sanchez.

72 kg: 1. Dejah Slater (CAN); 2. Rachel Watters (USA); 3. Linda Machuca (ARG). (Round-robin; no final.)

76 kg: 1. Adeline Gray (USA); 2. Genesis Reasco (VEN); 3. Erica Weibe (CAN) and Diana Cruz (PER). Final: Gray pinned Reasco.