Welcome to The Sports Examiner!

Welcome to The Sports Examiner!

If you’re looking for the latest news, previews, results and commentary on Olympic sports, you’ve come to the right place.

Our goal is to keep you up to date on what is happening in each of the 28 sports that are part of the Olympic Games, the seven sports in the Olympic Winter Games and the five added sports for the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan. That’s a lot of sports – including 441 separate events – and you can find all the details in one place.

It used to be that newspapers carried a lot of this material, but, sadly, not anymore. After last June’s outstanding USA Track & Field National Championships in Sacramento – which we covered with daily editions – a reader of the Los Angeles Times wrote to the paper, complaining that “It continues to astonish me that the L.A. Times, which in most respects is internationally recognized for its objective and comprehensive coverage of international events, can so woefully ignore track and field. A case in point is your failure to include even minimum results last week on the U.S. Track and Field Championships.”

The Sports Examiner is generally published three times a week, arriving in the e-mail inbox of our subscribers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, U.S. time. Our Monday edition is generally filled with results of the weekend’s action; Wednesdays have previews of the major upcoming events of the weekend and news from the Olympic sports world, and Fridays capture the mid-week results and complete our weekend previews.

In addition, our Lane One commentary by editor-in-chief Rich Perelman – a veteran organizer who has served with five Olympic organizing committees and more than two dozen mega-events of all kinds – illuminates and ruminates on the key business, political and sporting issues in the Olympic Movement.

Each issue is in Adobe’s PDF format, easy to read on any device and which can be read online or offline. No more clicking and clicking and clicking to find out about your favorite sport; just scroll through the issue.

Major events, such as the world championships in swimming and track & field, are covered with special, daily editions to not only keep you updated with yesterday’ results, but with previews to help you follow today’s coverage on television.

All this in more than 150 editions each year, and more when needed!

The price is as little as $8 a month for individual, annual subscriptions, and even lower for group and corporate programs. It’s easy to sign up and become an Olympic-sport connoisseur with our expert coverage, previews and links for even more knowledge.
We’re excited to bring the sports that enchant fans around the world every four years to you every day. Thanks for your support!