What do you do with an unrepentant relative? The IOC’s continuing Russian dilemma

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TSX EXTRA – for Feb. 12, 2018: It’s not unusual to have a relative who just won’t cooperate with the rest of the family. They are right and you are always wrong.

And so the International Olympic Committee has needlessly put itself under pressure with comments that it might lift its suspension of the Russian National Olympic Committee prior to the Closing Ceremony, so that the Russian flag could fly during that event.

It will, says the IOC, all depend on how the Russians act at the Winter Games, even including their fans.

Not everyone agrees with this, including a couple of IOC members who made their views known prior to the opening of the Games, and the World Anti-Doping Agency, which has its own list of conditions for Russian reinstatement.

The obstacles and options are explored in our Lane One commentary, plus our review of Monday’s action in PyeongChang:

(1) PANORAMA: Mother Nature takes over in PyeongChang and our exclusive, eight-place team scoring of the Games through three full days of competition.

(2) SPORT-BY-SPORT: Reviews, results and medalists in Biathlon ~ Figure Skating ~ Freestyle Skiing ~ Ski Jumping ~ Snowboard ~ Speed Skating, and who really won the U.S.’s bronze medal in the Figure Skating Team Event.

(3) BEYOND THE GAMES: Terrific New Balance Indoor Grand Prix in Boston, with American Donavan Brazier moving toward a new American Record in the 800 meters, and medals for the U.S. men’s Foil and women’s Epee team in World Cup fencing!

This issue includes THE BIG PICTURE, a rapid-read status report on Olympic sport; SCOREBOARD reports on the XXIII Olympic Winter Games plus Archery ~ Athletics ~ Fencing ~ Judo, and AGENDA, our calendar of top-level international events.

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