TSX BULLETIN: Panam Sports selects Lima over Asuncion to host the 2027 Pan American Games

Jubilation, as Lima named to host the 2027 Pan Am Games (Panam Sports video screenshot)

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Safe hands was the choice, as Lima, Peru was selected to host the 2027 Pan American Games in a mostly online Extraordinary General Assembly of Pan Am Sports on Tuesday morning.

Lima received 28 votes out of 52 available, to win over Asuncion, Paraguay; it was not immediately confirmed if Asuncion received 24 votes or if there were abstentions.

Lima hosted the 2019 Pan American Games and has the competition sites still in place and is building – whether selected for 2027 or not – five additional towers to its Pan American Village housing development that will be ready in time for the 2027 Games.

The timing of the Games is flexible, with the presentation offering January, or July or the likely preferred timing of September.

The Peruvian government has guaranteed the budget of the Games at $369,152,896 U.S. and Peru’s National Olympic Committee President, Renzo Manyari, said Lima was “an option that will ensure extraordinary Games,” emphasizing that by choosing Lima, “we all win.”

The Peruvian presentation included remarks by Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen and Lima Mayor Rafael Lopez Aliaga.

Paraguay made a remarkable presentation, including its President, Santiago Pena, making a live address to the delegates and staying online throughout the assembly, right through the vote. Its bid had a budget of $315,951,615 U.S., but had very tight timeframes of just 24 months to build a significant village housing project and several sports venues. Compared to Lima, that was a weakness, especially since there is just more than three years remaining.

But the enthusiasm and interest of Paraguay, which has never hosted the Pan American Games, showed it was a quality candidate with the staging of the 2022 South American Games, and is a clear candidate for the future.

The selection, announced by Panam Sports President Neven Ilic (CHI) in Miami at 11:59 a.m. Eastern time today was the finish to a quick campaign to replace Barranquilla, Colombia, which was originally selected to host the 2027 Pan Ams, but missed multiple contract deadlines, including payment of an installment of the Panam Sports hosting fee. Panam Sports removed the Games from Barranquilla in early January and replaced it with Lima today.

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