The IOC reinstated Russia; now the athletes will have their say

TSX HEADLINES – for Mar. 16, 2018: The quick reinstatement of the Russian National Olympic Committee by the International Olympic Committee, there were plenty of athletes who were not happy about it.

Now the athletes could get their say.

The World Anti-Doping Agency, also not a fan of the IOC’s quick reinstatement of Russia, announced its first Global Athlete Forum, to be held in Calgary in early June.

Could this be a pivotal moment for athletes to exert some control over doping in sports?

We consider the possibilities in our Lane One commentary, plus an enormous weekend of sport coming up in with reports on 17 sports in this 31-page issue:

(1) THE TICKER: Whatever happened to Mike Moran, the long-time spokesperson for the United States Olympic Committee? Quite a bit, it turns out; we have the update.

(2) THE BIG PICTURE: Something is going on at USA Shooting, as two-time Olympic pistol shooter Keith Sanderson was suspended for multiple violations of the Athlete’s Code of Conduct. What?

(3) ALPINE SKIING: Lindsey Vonn gets World Cup win no. 82 in the final Downhill of the season, but lost at the same time! How?

(4) FENCING: Second FIE Foil Grand Prix comes to Anaheim, with U.S. stars Alexander Massialas and Lee Kiefer among the favorites!

(5) WRESTLING: Two-time World Champion Adeline Gray leads U.S. women against Japan in the Freestyle World Cup in Takasaki!