The days of being anonymous are over: Russia 2018’s legacy will be the Fan ID

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TSX HEADLINES – for July 16, 2018: The 2018 World Cup in Russia is over and except for French fans waiting to buy shirts with two stars on them, the memory is already fading.

But there will be a legacy from Russia 2018, worn around the necks of future spectators in World Cups and likely Olympic Games and other major events: the Fan ID.

The Russians introduced it to solve the problem of visa processing for ticket buyers from foreign countries and added on a set of services which made it an indispensable part of this year’s tournament.

OK, it worked in Russia. Does that mean it should be introduced everywhere? There are benefits, but civil libertarians everywhere will be on the lookout for abuses.

See what’s at stake in our Lane One commentary, plus reports and results from the whole world of Olympic sport in this 32-page edition:

(1) THE BIG PICTURE: Russia 2018 is already almost forgotten and the focus is on Qatar 2022, which likely will allow the tournament to expand to 48 teams!

(2) FOOTBALL: Our wrap on the 2018 World Cup, with a European champion in a European year, plus a look at where Russia ranks on attendance and why France and Croatia should already be worried about 2022 …

(3) ATHLETICS: Enormous weekend of track & field, with Christian Coleman winning the “U.S. championship” in the 100 m in Rabat, a U.S. win in the Athletics World Cup in London and a crazy IAAF World Junior Championships in Finland!

(4) CYCLING: A miserable, crash-filled Stage 9 of the Tour de France sets the stage for the real racing to start in the Alps next week.

(5) WEIGHTLIFTING: A third straight win in the World Junior Championships for rising American 69 kg star Clarence Cummings, Jr.!

This issue includes SCOREBOARD reports on Football ~ Athletics ~ Badminton ~ Beach Volleyball ~ Cycling ~ Rowing ~ Shooting ~ Sport Climbing ~ Triathlon ~ Volleyball ~ Weightlifting, plus AGENDA, our exclusive calendar of upcoming international events!

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