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SWIMMING: U.S. strong in Open Water World Juniors in Israel

The 2018 Open Water World Junior Championships were held earlier in September at the exotic location of Eilat (ISR), with competition in three age groups: 14-15 year-olds, 16-17 year-olds and 18-19 year-olds.

The 14-15 group swam 5 km, the 16-17s had a 7.5 km race and the junior swam the standard 10 km distance. The winners included American Michael Brinegar in the men’s race and Paula Ruiz Bravo (ESP) for the women. Summaries:

FINA World Junior Open Water Championships
Eilat (ISR) ~ 6-8 September 2018
(Full results here)

Men’s Junior 10 km: 1. Michael Brinegar (USA), 1:49:55.5; 2. Enzo Roldan Munoz (FRA), 1:49:55.7; 3. Kirill Dolgov (RUS), 1:50:00.4. Also: 4. Brennan Gravley (USA), 1:50:01.4.

Women’s Junior 10 km: 1. Paula Ruiz Bravo (ESP), 1:57:21.9; 2. Maria A. Bramont-Arias (PER), 1:57:24.2; 3. Reka Rohacs (HUN), 1:57:26.3. Also: 5. Erica Sullivan (USA), 1:57:44.6; 6. Kensey McMahon (USA), 1:57:47.4.

Mixed 4×1250 m: 1. France, 55:39:09 (Madelon Catteau, Jean-Baptiste Clusman, Lisa Pou, Enzo Roldan Munoz); 2. United States, 56:06:07 (Erica Sullivan, Brennan Gravley, Kensey McMahon, Michael Brinegar); 3. Italy, 56:11:03.

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