SWIMMING: Canada and U.S. tops at Pan Am Artistic Swimming Champs

A poorly-attended Pan American Artistic Swimming Championships in Riverside, California (USA) was a showcase for Canadians Claudia Holzner and Mikaelle Gauthier in the Solo eventys and Holzner and Andree-Anne Cote in the Duet Technical.

The U.S. duo of Yara Elian and Ruby Remati won the Duet Free over Holzner and Cote and the American squads won the two Team events. Summaries:

Pan American Artistic Championships
Riverside, California (USA) ~ 8-11 August 2018
(Full results here)

Solo Technical: Claudia Holzner (CAN), 78.4182; 2. Carla Ruy Sanchez (MEX), 69.8942; 3. Camila Arregui (WRG), 68.1371.

Solo Free: 1. Mikaelle Gauthier (CAN), 79.8333; 2. Ruy Sanchez (MEX), 73.8667; only entrants.

Duet Technical: 1. Claudia Holzner/Andree-Anne Cote (CAN), 77.9084; 2. Nicole Goot/Ruby Remati (USA), 75.8422; 3. Camilla Arregui/Trinidad Lopez Brasesco (ARG), 74.1123.

Duet Free: 1. Yara Elian/Ruby Remati (USA), 80.2667; 2. Claudia Holzner/Andree-Anne Cote (CAN), 77.9333; 3. Camila Arregui/Trinidad Lopez Brasesco (ARG), 75.7333.

Team Technical: 1. United States, 78.9062; 2. Brazil, 77.5819; 3. Canada, 76.9879.

Team Free: 1. United States, 82.0000; 2. Canada, 80.0000; 3. Brazil, 79.4000.

Mixed Duet Technical: 1. Renan Alcantara/Giovana Nunes Stephan (BRA), 74.0370; only entrant.

Mixed Duet Free: 1. Alcantara/Nunes Stephan (BRA), 76.0333; only entrant.