SNOWBOARD: Japan sweeps Big Air titles; Samkova edges Jacobellis for SnowCross title

Czech Snowboard star Eva Samkova with her trademark, good-luck moustache!

The Big Air and Snowboard Cross World Cup titles were decided in Canada and Switzerland on the weekend, with American star Lindsey Jacobellis falling short in her attempt to win the seasonal title.

In the Big Air events in Quebec City, Japan swept the season titles with Takeru Otsuka and Reira Iwabuchi recognized as champions. Both competitions were hotly contested, with no one winning more than one event on either the men’s or women’s schedules.

However, Otsuka managed to win medals in three out of the four events and had 2,600 points to 2,090 for Chris Corning of the U.S. Iwabuchi won the first two events and although she did not win another medal, compiled 2,400 points and finished ahead of teammate Miyabi Onitsuka – also 2,400 – on who had the highest single-event point total. Onitsuka was second three times, but Iwabuchi wins made the difference.

American Julia Marino won the event in Quebec City, as did Belgium’s Seppe Smits.

In Veysonnaz (SUI), the season title was on the line between Czech Eva Samkova and Jacobellis. The semifinals proved decisive, as Jacobellis finished third in her heat and was relegated to the Small Final. She won it to finish fifth, but Samkova was in the Big Final and won it, and the seasonal title.

Samkova finished with 4,400 points to 3,850 for Jacobellis, with Italy’s Michela Moioli third (2,650). Austria’s Alessandro Hammerle finished second behind Spain’s Luis Eguibar, but that was enough to give Hammerle the seasonal title, 2,440-2,035 over Italian Omar Visintin. Summaries:

FIS Snowboard World Cup
Quebec City (CAN) ~ 14-17 March 2019
(Full results here)

Men’s Big Air: 1. Seppe Smits (BEL), 175.75; 2. Kalle Jarvilehto (FIN), 171.50; 3. Jonas Boesiger (SUI), 161.25; 4. Michael Schaerer (SUI), 158.50; 5. Ryan Stassel (USA), 157.00.

Men’s Big Air Final Standings: 1. Takeru Otsuka (JPN), 2,600; 2. Chris Corning (USA), 2,090; 3. Kalle Jarvilehto (FIN), 1,400; 4. Clemens Millauer (AUT), 1,340; 5. Ruki Tobita (JPN), 1,045.

Women’s Big Air: 1. Julia Marino (USA), 162.25; 2. Laurie Blouin (CAN), 157.50; 3. Klaudia Medlova (SVK), 122.50; 4. Lia-Mara Boesch (SUI), 82.25; 5. Carla Somaini (SUI), 60.75.

Women’s Big Air Final Standings: 1. Reira Iwabuchi (JPN), 2,400; 2. Miyabi Onitsuka (JPN), 2,400; 3. Klaudia Medlova (SVK), 1,800; 4. Anna Gasser (AUT), 1,600; 5. Laurie Blouin (CAN), 1,400. Also in the top 10: 7. Julia Marino (USA), 1,000.

FIS Snowboard World Cup
Veysonnaz (SUI) ~ 16 March 2019
(Full results here)

Men’s Snowboard Cross/ Final: 1. Luis Eguibar (ESP); 2. Alessandro Hammerle (AUT); 3. Cameron Bolton (AUS); 4. Omar Visintin (ITA).

Men’s Snowboard Cross Final Standings: 1. Alessandro Hammerle (AUT), 2,440; 2. Omar Visintin (ITA), 2,035; 3. Martin Noerl (GER), 1,970; 4. Lucas Eguibar (ESP), 1,840; 5. Cameron Bolton (AUS), 1,822. Also in the top 10: 9. Jake Vedder (USA), 1,370.

Women’s Snowboard Cross/ Final: 1. Eva Samkova (CZE); 2. Chloe Trespeuch (FRA); 3. Michela Moioli (ITA); 4. Charlotte Bankes (GBR).

Women’s Snowboard Cross Final Standings: 1. Eva Samkova (CZE), 4,400; 2. Lindsey Jacobellis (USA), 3,850; 3. Michela Moioli (ITA), 2,650; 4. Charlotte Bankes (GBR), 2,350; 5. Chloe Trespeuch (FRA), 2,100.