SNOWBOARD: Gold and silver for Jacobellis in Cervinia SnowCross

American Snowboard superstar Lindsey Jacobellis (Photo: FIS/Miha Matavz)

The FIS Snowboard Cross season opened in Cervinia (ITA) and one of the greatest snowboarders in history got to the line first: American Lindsey Jacobellis.

Her win on the first race in Cervinia was her 30th World Cup win in a career that stretches back to 2004. But at age 33, she’s hardly done.

“It’s nice to grab a victory at the first competition, especially because I didn’t do that well last year,” said Jacobellis. “It was an X Games style course as far as the glide, the movement and passing strategies are concerned, which I think worked well with my experience. This kind of course can work with you or against you with drafts and gains, but the knowledge of how they work is critical to manage your position in the race. I learned this early on in the training session when I put myself behind the guys. I was actually ahead in my race, and knew drafting opportunities would make for passing on my left side, so I made sure I stayed left to close out that lane.

“This win is really nice and helps boost the confidence as these days I have a lot more wear and tear on my body. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing with my starts and not be afraid to get in the mix with the girls.”

After the win on Friday, she then finished second in Saturday’s race to Czech Eva Samkova, who won her 11th career World Cup gold.

The men’s races went to Martin Noerl (GER) – his first World Cup medal! – and Emanuel Perathoner (ITA), who also won his first World Cup gold (and fourth career World Cup medal).

American Jake Vedder, 20, won his first World Cup medal in second place. “My teammates were really encouraging me all day, and when I got to the bottom everyone just started tackling me,” Vedder said aftewrwards. “I couldn’t even believe what happened. I’m ecstatic to be here right now and it was a great day of racing. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.” Summaries:

FIS Snowboard World Cup
Cervinia (ITA) ~ 20-22 December 2018
(Full results here)

Men’s SnowCross I: 1. Martin Noerl (GER); 2. Omar Visintin (ITA); 3. Hanno Douschen (AUT); 4. Lukas Pachner (AUT); 5. Leon Beckhaus (GER). Also: 6. Senna Leith (USA).

Men’s SnowCross II: 1. Emanuel Perathoner (ITA); 2. Jake Vedder (USA); 3. Noerl (GER); 4. Alex Pullin (AUS); 5. Nate Holland (USA).

Women’s SnowCross I: 1. Lindsey Jacobellis (USA); 2. Eva Samkova (CZE); 3. Charlotte Bankes (GBR); 4. Nelly Moenne Loccoz (ITA); 5. Sina Siegenthaler (SUI).

Women’s SnowCross II: 1. Samkova (CZE); 2. Jacobellis (USA); 3. Michela Moioli (ITA); 4. Moenne Loccoz (ITA); 5. Lara Casanova (SUI).