SKATEBOARD Preview: U.S.’s Houston looks for fourth title in Street Worlds in Sao Paolo

The sixth edition of the World Skate Street World Championships is moving through the qualifying round in Sao Paulo, Brazil, following right behind the Park Worlds held last week.

As with the Park Worlds, the top three in this week’s Worlds will earn qualifying places in the first Olympic Skateboarding competition, in Tokyo in 2020. So far, the top riders in the World Street Rankings are:

1. 60,000 Nyjah Houston (USA) ~ 2014-17-18 World Champion
2. 36,000 Gustavo Ribeiro (POR)
3. 21,600 Shane O’Neill (AUS) ~ 2016 World Champion; 2017 silver medalist
4. 17,280 Kelvin Hoefler (BRA) ~ 2015 World Champion; 2018 silver; 2017 bronze
5. 13,830 Manny Santiago (PUR)

1. 60,000 Pamela Rosa (BRA)
2. 36,000 Haley Wilson (AUS)
3. 21,600 Jhulia Mendes Leal (BRA)
4. 17,280 Leticia Bufoni (BRA) ~ 2015 World Champion; 2016-17-18 silver
5. 13,830 Aori Nishimura (JPN) ~ 2018 World Champion

Quarterfinals will be held on Friday, semis on Saturday and the SuperCrown finals on Sunday. Look for results here.

While the medalists will earn places in Sao Paulo, the very majority of the Olympic skaters (16 of the 20) will be picked off of the rankings list as of 1 June 2020.