SHOOTING: Lindsey and Skinner progress to National Shotgun Trap titles

Aeriel Skinner (Photo: Niccolo Zangirolami/ISSF)

Experience matters. Time matters. And the combination led to Caleb Lindsey’s gold medal in the USA Shooting National Shotgun Championships in Trap.

“That result showed me what I was made of, that I could compete at this level,” Lindsey said. “I knew if I focused harder, with more quality practice versus quantity training, I could take that next step.”

Lindsey had won a bronze medal in the U.S. Junior Championships in Trap in 2016 and then moved to the senior division and scored a silver medal in 2017, Now he’s the national champion, winning by a single point — 44-43 – over Roe Reynolds. Defending champion Derek Haldeman finished fourth. Reynolds also won the silver medal in the Junior division!

Aeriel Skinner, a bronze medalist as a member of the U.S. squad in the Team Trap in the recent ISSF World Championships, won the women’s Trap title, her first senior medal in a U.S. championships.

“For some reason I couldn’t hit my first targets,” she said afterwards, “then [defending champion Ashley Carroll] gave me a stern talking to and it was getting better. Even with the changing light and wind conditions, I kept my eyes and my pre-shot routine the same, stayed focused, and it just worked out.”

Carroll, the three-time defending champ, won the bronze medal and Emma Williams won the silver.

The competition continues with the Skeet events through Wednesday (10th). Summaries so far:

USA Shooting National Shotgun Championships
Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA) ~ 26 September-7 October 2018
(Full results here)


Trap/Finals: 1. Caleb Lindsey, 44; 2. Roe Reynolds, 43; 3. Brian Burrows, 31; 4. Derek Haldeman, 28; 5. Logan Mountain, 22; 6. Logan Lucas, 18.

Junior Trap/Finals: 1. Dale Royer, 48; 2. Roe Reynolds, 46; 3. Logan Lucas, 35.


Trap/Finals: 1. Aeriel Skinner, 44; 2. Emma Williams, 40; 3. Ashley Carroll, 33; 4. Rachel Tozier, 28; 5. Corey Cogdell-Unrein, 22; 6. Kim Rhode, 18. Junior Trap/Finals: 1. Victoria Hendrix, 43; 2. Ryann Phillips, 41; 3. Heather Broski, 26.


Team/Finals: 1. Brian Burrows/Kayle Browning. 44; 2. Jake Wallace/Corey Cogdell, 41; 3. Ryne Barfield/Rickelle Pimentel, 33; 4. Lance Bade/Kim Rhode, 29; 5. Logan Lucas/Ashley Carroll, 21; 6. Glen Eller/Aeriel Skinner, 17.

Team/Combined: 1. Eller/Skinner, 334 points; 2. Burrows/Browning, 325; 3. Wallace/Cogdell, 319; 4. Grayson Davey/Julia Stallings, 318; 5. Bade/Rhode, 318; 6. Lucas/Carroll, 306.