Why Scott Blackmun is right and Sports Illustrated is wrong

Former USOC chief executive Scott Blackmun

TSX HEADLINES – for Jan. 26, 2018: All the commentators are chiming in about the Larry Nassar scandal and what should happen to Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee.

Someone writing on the Sports Illustrated Web site said his “calm and reasoned conclusion” was “Burn it all down.” Boy, there’s some insight for you.

The head of the USOC, Scott Blackmun, didn’t take his advice. He sent the federation an action plan that includes getting rid of the USA Gymnastics Board in six days, but he also did something that no one else has done so far: remember all the gymnasts — USA Gymnastics has more than 156,000 of them – that weren’t part of the Nassar horror, and their future in the sport.

The details are in our Lane One commentary, plus your update to keep you current in Olympic sport:

(1) THE TICKER: Powerful Alpine and Snowboard teams announced for the U.S. for PyeongChang; Russia tries to hijack the International Olympic Committee’s announcement of who will be invited to compete; remembering Steve Prefontaine, who would have been 67 on the 25th, and more doping positives in weightlifting.

(2) THE BIG PICTURE: The 17 types of evidence the IOC’s invitation panel used to decide who was a clean Russian athlete and who wasn’t.

(3) ATHLETICS: Sensational race records – 2:04:00 and 2:19:17 – by now-top-10 performers in a great Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Friday morning!

(4) FOOTBALL: U.S. Soccer will take a look at its future with a team of youngsters in its friendly against Bosnia & Herzegovina in Carson on Sunday.

(5) LUGE: U.S. star Summer Britcher has a chance for a seasonal bronze medal in the FIL World Cup finishing this weekend in Latvia!

This issue includes THE BIG PICTURE, a rapid-read status report on Olympic sport; SCENE & HEARD on women & testosterone, Russian track & field athletes and cross country’s future; ON DECK with news on Athletics ~ Cross Country ~ Cycling ~ Football ~ Luge ~ Rugby ~ Snowboard; SCOREBOARD report on the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, and AGENDA, our calendar of top-level international events.