Russia is on suspension and the IOC is not going to let them forget it

TSX HEADLINES – for Jan. 29, 2018: The International Olympic Committee confirmed last Saturday that 169 Russian athletes – from an original pool of 500 – will be invited to compete at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Korea.

Some think this is too many and the Russians think it’s too few. But the IOC is more interested now to make sure these athletes, and the 171 accompanying officials, toe the line the IOC has drawn through a remarkable four-page document called the “Olympic Athletes from Russia Conduct Guidelines.”

It’s pretty interesting and shows that that IOC isn’t deaf, dumb and blind to the more obvious actions that members of the “OAR” delegation can take to thumb their nose at the IOC. There’s no doubt that the IOC wants Russia back in good standing … but not if it’s not going to follow the IOC’s rules.

Get the details on the do’s and don’ts in our Lane One commentary, plus an unbelievable weekend for the U.S. at an Austrian resort:

(1) THE TICKER: The International Boxing Federation kicked out its former president for financial shenanigans. Now, they have elected an interim president that the U.S. Treasury Department calls “one of Uzbekistan’s leading criminals.” What next?

(2) THE BIG PICTURE: The next overwhelming issue in Olympic sport will be the upcoming Annual General Meeting of U.S. Soccer, where the organization will pick a new president!

(3) ALPINE SKIING: Bad news and good news … Mikaela Shiffrin is officially in a slump, pending Monday’s City Event in Stockholm, but Ted Ligety is back on the World Cup podium in the Giant Slalom!

(4) CROSS COUNTRY: Latest sign of the Apocalypse? Two U.S. women just beat the whole world – including Norway – twice over the weekend in two World Cup Cross Country races in an Austrian resort town called Seefeld. Am I dreaming? No: Seeing is believing!

(5) FIGURE SKATING: Well done: two gold and four total medals in three events for the U.S. at the ISU Four Continents Championships in Taipei City.

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