ROWING: U.S. holds trials to qualify to Pan Am Games Trials

Because of a change in the qualification procedure for next year’s Pan American Games in Lima (PER), U.S. Rowing held a special regatta to quality for a qualification regatta!

Per U.S. Rowing, “[T]he Pan American Rowing Confederation decided to move away from automatic qualification spots to a qualification regatta. The winning crews at trials will compete at the qualification regatta and, depending on their results in Brazil, will earn the right to be nominated to represent the U.S. at the 2019 Pan American Games.” The qualification event will be from 29 November-2 December in Rio.

Silly, but there you have it. So the U.S. Trials to get to the PAG qualification regatta were held 10 days ago at Mercer Lake off West Windsor, New Jersey. Summaries:

USA Rowing Pan American Games Trials
West Windsor, New Jersey (USA) ~ 20 August 2018
(Full results here)


Single Sculls: 1. Lucas Bellows, 7:47.68; 2. Thomas Phifer, 7:52.06; 3. Ryan Allen, 7:53.32.

Double Sculls: 1. Nathan Lado/Wes Vear, 7:00.23; 2. Kevin Cardno/Frank Horpel, 7:09.48; 3. B. Van der Werf/D. Lee, 7:11.42.

Pairs: 1. Logan Smith/James Garay, 7:22.48; 2. K. Peabody/J. Read, 8:17.24; only entries.

Lightweight Double Sculls: 1. C. Hurley/J. McCullough, 7:22.42; 2. S. McDonald/B. Boehm, 7:36.00.


Single Sculls: 1. Jenifer Forbes, 8:29.51; 2. Michalina Fili, 8;31.77; 3. Meridith Kisting, 8:40.88.

Double Sculls: 1. Julia Lonchar/Margaret Fellows, 7:47.85; 2. R. Springer-Miller/A. Johnson, 8:01.05; 3. L. Miller/M. Hummel, 8:09.73.

Pairs: 1. Liz Euiler/Solveig Imsdahl, 8:12.20; only entry. Lightweight Single Sculls: 1. Jessica Hyne, 8:36.20; 2. Erin Roberts, 8:43.16; 3. Helen Samaniego, 9:45.76.

Lightweight Double Sculls: 1. S. Taylor/K. Twist, 8:08.68; 2. E. Starr/S. Denison-Johnston, 8:14.80; 3. K. Probst/M. Moiser, 8:24.45.