ROWING: Four wins for Dutch boats, three for Poland in opening World Cup in Plovdiv

Upset men's Pairs winners Martin Mackovic and Milas Vasic (SRB) in Plovdiv (Photo: Detlev Seyb via World Rowing)

The first of three World Cup regattas turned into a showcase for the men’s Polish team and the Dutch women’s squad, who came away with seven wins between them.

The Polish men had the best teams in the famed regatta course in Plovdiv (BUL), winning the Quadrupe Sculls, Fours and Eights. The Dutch women won the Fours and Eights, plus Lisa Scheenaard’s victory in the Single Sculls, and Aletta Jorritsma and Jose van Veen in the Women’s Pairs.

This first regatta did not have a lengthy list of Olympic and World Championships medal winners, but Croatia’s Damir Martin, the 2016 Olympic silver medalist in the Single Sculls, impressed with a win by more than six seconds over first-time World Cup medal winner Pilip Pavukou of Belarus.

There was a significant upset in the men’s Pairs, where Serbians Martin Mackovic and Milas Vasic won by almost two seconds over Martin and Valent Sinkovic (CRO), the 2018 World Champions.

China also had a strong showing, with wins in the men’s and women’s Double Sculls and the women’s Quadruple Sculls. The second World Cup will be in Poznan (POL) in late June; summaries from Plovdiv:

World Rowing World Cup I
Plovdiv (BUL) ~ 10-12 May 2019
(Full results here)


Single Sculls: 1. Damir Martin (CRO), 7:26.90; 2. Pilip Pavukou (BLR), 7:33.04; 3. Robert Ven (FIN), 7:37.29.

Double Sculls: 1. Zhiyu Liu/Liang Zhang (CHN), 6:31.32; 2. Dominik Czaja/Adam Wicenciak (POL), 6:33.93; 3. Stanislau Shcharbachenia/Dzianis Mihal (BLR), 6:35.95.

Quadruple Sculls: 1. Poland, 6:01.260; 2. Moldova, 6:10.520; 3. Romania, 6:10.730.

Pairs: 1. Martin Mackovic/Milas Vasic (SRB), 6:34.05; 2. Martin Sinkovic/Valent Sinkovic (CRO), 6:36.03; 3. Jaime Canalejo Pazos/Javier Garcia Ordonez (ESP), 6:37.50.

Fours: 1. Poland, 6:08.400; 2. Romania, 6:10.700; 3. Austria, 6:14.110.

Eights: 1. Poland, 5:54.380; 2. Romania, 5:57.350; only finishers.

Lightweight Single Sculls: 1. Peter Galambos (HUN), 6:54.55; 2. Milosz Jankowski (POL); 3. Luka Radonic (CRO), 7:04.89.

Lightweight Double Sculls: 1. Tim Brys/Niels van Zandweghe (BEL), 6:40.40; 2. Artur Mikolajczewski/Jerzy Kowalski (POL), 6:42.99; 3. Pedro Fraga/Afonso Costa (POR), 6:43.71.


Single Sculls: 1. Lisa Scheenaard (NED), 8:04.01; 2. Yan Jiang (CHN), 8:05.37; 3. Mirka Knapkova (CZE), 8:08.45.

Double Sculls: 1. Shiyu Lu/Yuwei Wang (CHN), 7:14.46; 2. Tatsiana Klimovich/Krystsina Staraselets (BLR), 7:17.97; 3. Aimee Hernandez Delgado/Yariulvis Cobas Garcia (CUB), 7:21.99.

Quadruple Sculls: 1. China, 6:38.34; 2. Netherlands, 6:39.72; only entries.

Pairs: 1. Aletta Jorritsma/Jose van Veen (NED), 7:22.70; 2. Miaomiamo Qin/Linlin Guo (CHN), 7:23.31; 3. Felice Mueller/Emily Regan (USA), 7:23.56. Also: 5. Erin Reelick/Madeleine Wanamaker (USA), 7:25.75.

Fours: 1. Netherlands, 6:42.82; 2. United States (O’Brien, Doonan, Regan, Mueller), 6:45.93; 3. China, 6:48.02. Also: 4. United States (Opitz, Musnicki, Mooney, Bruggeman), 6:53.82; 5. United States (Reelick, Wanamaker, Huelskamp, Coffey), 7:05.73.

Eights: 1. Netherlands, 6:38.840; 2. China, 6:45.180; 3. Romania, 6:50.420.

Lightweight Single Sculls: 1. Alena Furman (BLR), 7:36.48; 2. Wenyi Huang (CHN), 7:45.50; 3. Kenia Lechuga Alanis (MEX), 7:51.22.

Lightweight Double Sculls: 1. Qiang Wu/Dandan Pan (CHN), 7:23.04; 2. Martine Veldhuis/Ilse Paulis (NED), 7:26.97; 3. Katarzyna Welna/Joanna Dorociak (POL), 7:28.14.