O Canada! Will the red-and-white win more medals than the U.S. in February?

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TSX HEADLINES – for Jan. 8, 2018: If you have been reading the results in The Sports Examiner, than you know that Canada’s winter-sport athletes are having a pretty good time this season, and making lots of trips to the victory stand in sport after sport.

In fact, they’re making so many trips, they might make more in PyeongChang than … the United States?

It’s possible and it has even happened once before – and yes, you were alive then. Get all of the details and Canada’s best medal prospects in our Lane One commentary, plus a dramatic weekend of Olympic qualifying events in the U.S.:

(1) FIGURE SKATING: The Prudential U.S. Nationals finished in San Jose and the good news is that the best U.S. medal prospects will go to Korea. Nathan Chen was just great and the ice Dance duo of Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue reached new heights, but there was also a lot that was messy.

(2) SPEED SKATING: The U.S. Olympic Trials were completed in Milwaukee and exactly the right athletes made the team, including Heather Bersgma, Brittany Bowe, Joey Mantia and Shani Davis. They are on a mission to erase memories of 2014; do you remember why?

(3) ALPINE SKIING: American superstar Mikaela Shiffrin is unconscious … in a good way. Not only has she blown open the World Cup points race, she may be on her way to vaporizing a 28-year-old record long thought to be untouchable. She reaching out and touching greatness …

This issue includes THE BIG PICTURE, a new, rapid-read status report on Olympic sport; HEADLINES coverage of the Prudential U.S. National Figure Skating Championships and U.S. Olympic Speed Skating Trials; SCOREBOARD reports on Alpine Skiing ~ Biathlon ~ Bobsled & Skeleton ~ Cross Country Skiing ~ Freestyle Skiing ~ Ice Hockey ~ Luge ~ Ski Jumping ~ Snowboard, and AGENDA, our calendar of top-level international events.

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