MODERN PENTATHLON Preview: Another World title for Asadauskaite?

World Cup Final winner Laura Asadauskaite (LTU)

One of the largest World Championships ever is underway in Budapest, Hungary for the combined 2019 World Championships in Modern Pentathlon and a concurrent World Championships for the Laser Run component by itself.

The top three finishers in the men’s and women’s Modern Pentathlon final will qualify for the Tokyo 2020 tournament, if not already qualified. The top pentathletes by their UIPM world rankings:

1. Valentin Prades (FRA) ~ 2018 Worlds silver, 2013-17 World Cup Champion
2. James Cooke (GBR) ~ 2018 World Champion
3. Joseph Choong (GBR) ~ 2018 World Cup Champion
4. Pavlo Timoshchenko (UKR) ~ 2016 Olympic silver; 2015 World Champ; 2018 bronze
5. Marvin Faly Dogue (GER)
6. Jan Kuf (CZE) ~ 2014 Worlds bronze
7. Patrick Dogue (GER)
8. Esteban Bustos (CHI)
9. Ahmed Elgendy (EGY)
10. Justinas Kinderis (LTU) ~ 2013 World Champion; 2010-17 Worlds bronze

1. Laura Asadauskaite (LTU) ~ 2012 Olympic Champion; 2013 World Champion
2. Annika Schleu (GER) ~ 2018 Worlds silver medalist
3. Marie Oteiza (FRA) ~ 2018 Worlds bronze
4. Kate French (FRA)
5. Uliana Batashova (RUS)
6. Elodie Clouvel (FRA) ~ 2016 Olympic silver, 2016 Worlds silver
7. Sarolta Kovacs (HUN) ~ 2016 World Champion
8. Anastasiya Prokopenko (BLR) ~ 2018 World Champion; 2017 Worlds bronze
9. Gulnaz Gubaydullina (RUS) ~ 2017 World Champion
10. Iryna Prasiantsova (BLR)

Asadauskaite is a remarkable story. Now 35, she won in London, but failed in the riding competition in Rio and finished 30th. She’s come back stronger than ever and – nearly invincible on the Laser Run – won the seasonal World Cup in June and the European Championship in August.

Following the new protocol in the sport, a pentathlon “arena” has been arranged in Kincsem Park with the installation of a temporary swimming pool.

Qualification for the men’s and women’s final will be held during the week, with the finals from Friday through Sunday, including the Mixed Relay on Sunday.

The (non-Olympic) team relays for men and women were held on Monday and Tuesday. Summaries:

UIPM World Championships
Budapest (HUN) ~ 1-8 September 2019
(Full results here)


Team Relay: 1. Alexander Nobis/Patrick Dogue (GER), 1,506; 2. Jinhwa Jung/Woongtae Jun (KOR), 1,482; 3. Alexander Lesun/Danil Kalimullin (RUS), 1,475; 4. Yaraslau Radziuk/Kirill Kasyanik (BLR), 1,465; 5. Alexandre Henrard/Jean Baptiste Mourcia (FRA), 1,459; 6. Mohanad Shaban/Ahmed Hamid (EGY), 1,449; 7. Illes Szabo/Bence Kardos (HUN), 1,439; 8. Lukasz Gutkowski/Daniel Lawrynowicz (POL), 1,432. Also: 18. Tyler Evans/Amro Elgeziry (USA), 1,156.


Team Relay: 1. Mayan Oliver/Mariana Arceo (MEX), 1,338; 2. Luca Barta/Kamilla Reti (HUN), 1,329; 3. Unju Kim/Mina Jeong (KOR), 1,326; 4. Kate Coleman/Eilidh Prise (IRL), 1,305; 5. Sarolta Simon/Blanka Guzi (HUN), 1,303; 6. Barbora Ciprova/Karolina Krenkova (CZE), 1,285; 7. Adelina Ibatullina/Kseniia Fraltsova (RUS), 1,281; 8. Mingyu Zhang/Yewen Gu (CHN), 1,271. Also: 11. Sam Achtenberg/Heidi Hendrick (USA), 1,177.

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