LUGE: Germans and Russians sweep the six races in Lake Placid

Germany's Dajana Eitberger (Photo: Sandro Halank via wikimedia)

The Lake Placid stop on the FIL World Cup tour was a good one for Russia’s Roman Repilov and Germany’s Dajana Eitberger, Natalie Geisenberger and the Doubles team of Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken.

They were the winners in the three standard races and three sprints on the program. Repilov, the 2016-17 World Cup seasonal winner, defended his Lake Placid win from last season, then added the sprint title on Sunday. Germany’s Johannes Ludwig won medals in both races as well, with a silver and a bronze on the sprint.

The women’s racing saw Germany’s Geisenberger score a silver in the standard race and win the sprint, extending his consecutive-medal-races steak to 25 in a row. Eitberger won her first race of the season; she won twice on tour last season.

Eggert and Benecken won both of the Doubles races and have medaled in five of six races this season. The pair are the two-time defending seasonal champs.

The U.S. had its best showing of the season, winning a Doubles sprint silver from Chris Mazdzer and Jayson Terdiman and a silver from Summer Britcher in the women’s sprint. There was also a special ceremony to honor 2014 Olympic bronze medalist Erin Hamlin on Sunday; she donned her singlet and helmet one more time and came down the track she races so many times as a forerunner, before being mobbed by family and friends. Summaries:

FIL World Cup
Lake Placid, New York (USA) ~ 15-16 December 2018
(Full results here)

Men’s Singles: 1. Roman Repilov (RUS), 1:43.048; 2. Johannes Ludwig (GER), 1:43.219; 3. Reinhard Egger (AUT), 1:43.275; 4. Chris Mazdzer (USA), 1:43.315; 5. Felix Loch (GER), 1:43.411. Also: 10. Tucker West (USA), 1:43.918; … 17. Jonathan Gustafson (USA), 1:44.247.

Men’s Sprint: 1. Repilov (RUS), 32.554; 2. Semen Pavilchenko (RUS), 32.558; 3. Ludwig (GER), 32.667; 4. David Glierscher (AUT), 32.688; 5. Richard Eger (AUT), 32.792. Also: 6. Mazdzer (USA), 32.813; … 10. West (USA), 33.018.

Men’s Doubles: 1. Toni Eggert/Sascha Benecken (GER), 1:27.492; 2. Tobias Wendl/Tobias Arlt (GER), 1:27.812; 3. Thomas Steu/Lorenz Koller (AUT), 1:28.032; 4. Andris Sics/Juris Sics (LAT), 1:28.201; 5. Tristan Walker/Justin Snith (CAN), 1:28.358. Also: 6. Chris Mazdzer/Jayson Terdiman (USA), 1:28.428.

Men’s Doubles Sprint: 1. Eggert/Benecken (GER), 37.471; 2. Mazdzer/Terdiman (USA), 37.669; 3. Walker/Snith (CAN), 37.701; 4. Wendl/Arlt (GER), 37.711; 5. Sics/Sics (LAT), 37.751.

Women’s Singles: 1. Dajana Eitberger (GER), 1:27.674; 2. Natalie Geisenberger (GER), 1:27.705; 3. Julia Taubitz (GER), 1:27.929; 4. Emily Sweeney (USA), 1:27.943; 5. Summer Britcher (USA), 1:28.012. Also: 6. Brittney Arndt (USA), 1:28.063; … 17. Raychel Germaine (USA), 1:28.841.

Women’s Sprint: 1. Geisenberger (GER), 37.667; 2. Britcher (USA), 37.745; 3. Taubitz (GER), 37.753; 4. Sweeney, 37.761; 5. Arndt (USA), 37.762.